Do I really need a safety pool cover?

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Calling all Winnipeg pool owners! We’ve put together a little quiz for you. It won’t take long – there’s only two questions – but it’s kind of important.

  1. Do you close your pool on your own in winter?
  2. Do you have kids, pets, or regular backyard visitors?

If you answered yes to both the above, congratulations! You win an invaluable piece of advice, direct from our pool experts:

Get. A. Pool. Safety. Cover.

We cannot stress this enough. Pools are fun, but they’re also a hazard. Having a reliable safety cover offers peace of mind so you can enjoy your backyard without worry. Just cover your pool when the season ends and forget about it until spring/summer. Safety made simple!

Durable and low-maintenance – the mesh safety pool cover 

Covers don’t just protect you, they also protect your pool – making the spring opening so much easier. With a cover, your pool is shielded from the worst of the winter debris so you can skip the spring cleaning when it’s time to get your swim on again.

We offer a mesh safety pool cover that’s incredibly low-maintenance. The mesh design lets the water and snow melt through, while trapping the stuff you really don’t want in your pool like twigs, leaves, and litter. You don’t even have to worry about shoveling off the snow, just let the cover do its thing.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s mesh. This isn’t your mom’s net curtains, it’s a highly durable and flexible material that feels a bit like a sturdy trampoline. The dense mesh cover is made to support weight and is safe to walk on. 

It also looks better than your mom’s net curtains. The cover’s available in four different colors – black, tan, blue, or grey – so you can match it to your patio decor if you’re into that sort of thing.

Easy and efficient – the retractable pool cover

Imagine covering your pool with just one click. You can live that dream with a retractable pool cover that glides out automatically and seals with a key-operated lock so the kids can’t pry it open when you’re not looking.

These covers are also strong enough to walk on and can be installed on any type of pool. They’re a more expensive option than the mesh but worth the investment if you’re looking for something hands-off, quick and easy – the cover smoothly unrolls on pre-installed tracks and takes about 30 seconds to fully extend or contract.

Installation? We’ve got you covered! (get it?!)

Automatic pool covers require a little more work at the installation stage, as they include some electrical components. They’re installed on mounted tracks but those tracks can either be on top of the pool, on railings, or recessed, like train tracks. If you’ve no idea what any of those words mean, don’t panic. Our pool experts will guide you through everything you need to know and help you choose the right solution for your space. 

Mesh or automatic, all our covers are custom-made to fit, meaning they take a little longer than your average piece of pool equipment so get a jump on ordering them before the winter rush. Our pool technicians can help you get the process started – we’ll send our crew out to take your pool’s measurements and give you a quote for your cover. Once the estimate is approved, we’ll order it for you and install it when it arrives. 

With a bit of TLC, your safety covers should last you 10-15 years. The mesh cover comes with a 15 year warranty while automatic covers include a 20 year warranty on the mechanism. For more information, or to schedule a consultation, contact our team!