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Did You Inherit A Pool With Equipment That Belongs In That 70’s Show?

Pool equipment is a key ingredient in your pool’s health. Equipment that is failing or that is on its way out can cause leaks, excessive chemical odours, and other unpleasant issues. Even if your old equipment is humming along, you may want to upgrade it to take advantage of new advances such as UV sanitation systems, which can cut down on chlorine odours in pools and hot tubs. New equipment, contrary to what most people believe, is actually quite inexpensive, but for the most part should be installed by experts such as the team at UV Pools. There are a few tricks to setting it up properly that the average homeowner just won’t know, even with lots of help from YouTube. The following is just some of the equipment and improvements we can install for swimming pools or hot tubs:

  • Pool Pumps
  • Pool Filters
  • UV Sanitation Systems
  • Pool Heaters
  • Automation Systems

If you don’t see it listed above, it doesn’t mean we can’t get it or don’t have it. Just give us a call and ask! We'll work closely with you to make sure your systems are functioning optimally.

What Does Pool Equipment Do? Do I Even Need It?

Your equipment is what keeps your pool or hot tub clean, both visually and from a “safe to swim in” perspective. Without your equipment, your pool would be full of debris and potentially harmful bacteria - a backyard pond rather than a backyard pool. While items such as pool pumps and filters are essential for every pool, other equipment such as heaters and alternative sanitation systems are “nice to have”. Heaters are especially good to have in Winnipeg as they can extend the swimming season from late Spring into early Fall, rather than just summer. Your basic equipment is like a circulatory system - the pool pump is the heart, circulating fresh water constantly throughout the pool. The filter is like the liver, cleaning out debris and impurities. Most equipment is usually stored in a shed beside the pool to protect it from the elements.

The water in your swimming pool is circulated through the following 3-step process:

  1. Pool water is pulled through the skimmer by the pool pump.
  2. This water moves through the pool pump, and through the filter, where suspended particles found in the water are filtered out.
  3. From the filter, the pool water travels to the heater (where you have one), where it is warmed, and returned back to the pool through the return jet ports.

My Pool Heater/Pump/Filter Is Kaput. How Fast Can You Help?

We can usually get back to you and do a service call within a couple of days. It also depends on the equipment and how old it is - older parts (over five years old) are usually tougher to get than newer ones. If your piece of pool equipment needs to be replaced entirely, we have a wide selection commonly used equipment in stock and ready to go. Most of our calls for equipment issues come in the Spring when homeowners open their pool, and we can usually handle those jobs very quickly.

Contact us today if you have a problem with your pool  or hot tub equipment or you’re thinking about  an upgrade. We have everything you need to create the perfect hot tub, swim spa or pool (both in ground pools and above ground pools) that you and your loved ones will want to spend time in.

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