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What is the Purpose of Pool Equipment?

The equipment on your pool works to keep your pool healthy and efficient, performing functions such as:

  • Heating your pool water.
  • Filtering impurities and debris from your pool water.
  • Circulating pool water to eliminate algae pockets.

The pump on your pool acts like its heart, working to circulate fresh, clean water constantly. A pool’s filter acts as its liver, removing toxins and impurities. The pool heater works like its muscles, creating heat throughout.

Pool Circulation Process

The water in your swimming pool is circulated through the following process:

  • Pool water is pulled through the skimmer by the pool pump.
  • This water moves through the pool pump, and through the filter, where suspended particles found in the water are filtered out.
  • From the filter, the pool water travels to the heater, where it is warmed, and returned back to the pool through the return jet ports.

These functions are extremely important for proper pool maintenance, and play a vital role in any pool’s cleanliness, health, and efficiency.

Keeping Your Pool Running Effectively

When your pool is out of commission, UV Pools understands that you want it up and running again as soon as possible.

We pair our pool renovation and repair expertise with the market knowledge needed to get the quality pool parts and equipment you need. The equipment listed above are just some of the pieces that we offer.

Our team will work with you to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective parts, so your pool can keep running clean for years to come.

We Are Here To Help

Are you having trouble finding the right equipment for your pool? Call us today to discuss your needs to get your pool in top-notch shape for the summer!

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