Is Your Backyard Paradise More Like A Backyard Dumpster Fire? Do Your Neighbours Run The Other Way Screaming When You Invite Them Over For A Swim? Do You Want An Upgrade From “Nice Pool” to “OMG Your Pool Is Sweet!!”?

Whether you need a renovation to take your pool from zero to hero or you want to kick up the wow factor on your existing pool, UV Pools can make all of your dreams come true. Well, at least any dreams having to do with your pool. We can’t do anything about your problems with your mother-in-law.

Just look at this frickin’ masterpiece. LOOK AT IT!

Fill It In Or Renovate It? Renovate It And Don’t Regret It!

Did you just buy a home with a backyard pool that leaves a lot to be desired, or that you are concerned about having young children around? Or have you just let your pool go over the years, and want to bring it back for parties and the grandkids? We can renovate your pool to be whatever you want it to be, from the neighbourhood entertainment centre to being super-safe - or both. Whatever your vision is for your pool, the team at UV Pools can help you make it a reality. Renovating a pool is much cheaper than putting an entirely new one in, and if you fill it in you will never know the joy of owning a pool. Choose joy. Renovate your pool with UV Pools.

Renovation services we provide include:

  • Replacement pool liners
  • Pool floor renovations
  • Adding pool stairs, slides and ladders
  • Upgrading your pool deck
  • Adding safety covers
  • Any pool feature

Here’s an example of a pool made safe for the young ‘uns. And those guests who like to have a few beverages around the pool.

Why Should UV Pools Do My Pool Renovation Instead Of Another Company?

All we do is pool renovations, pool repairs, and liner replacements. We don’t do anything else. This keeps UV Pools laser-focused on one job, and our team highly specialized in pool renovation. In addition, UV Pools features over 50 years of family business experience in the pool industry in the Winnipeg area - we know every neighbourhood and its issues. Well, at least when it comes to groundwater and anything to do with pools. We don’t know what the neighbour is doing with that pet llama. We’d like to know, though. Maybe you could tell us.

We want you to love your pool, and we won’t be happy until you do. Plus, our team comes to every job armed with positivity and a sense of humour that will have you whistling while we work. The owner of UV Pools, Dale Kreviazuk, oversees every pool renovation and won’t call the job done until you are satisfied with every last detail. From high-end custom homes to standard suburban backyard pools, we’ve done every kind of pool renovation there is.

See just some of the pools we’ve renovated in our Pool Renovation Gallery, and Dale will be happy to show you more when you book your free estimate. Get in touch today to get your project booked sooner rather than later and to experience the awesomeness of our glorious leader.

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