Get Hosed On Your Winnipeg Jets Tickets, Not Your Pool Repair

We get it. You have other things to spend money on, and you should never feel guilty about what those things are. Even if one of those things is Nickelback’s full discography on vinyl. We don’t judge. That’s why when there’s something wrong with your pool, we’ll look for ways to repair it rather than incurring the extra cost of a replacement. Whether it’s coping, pool stairs, your pool liner, equipment, or anything else surrounding your watery nexus of summer fun, we’ll repair it before we replace it - and of course we’ll advise you on when a replacement is completely necessary too.

Our services include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

We also specialize in inspection reports and assessments for insurance claims.

UV Pools: The Pool Repair Gurus

It’s tough to diagnose problems with a pool on your own, and trying can be an exercise in frustration for anyone who doesn’t work with pools every day. Have us over for a free estimate and we’ll be able to diagnose and repair your issue right away. With over 45 years in the industry and specializing in pool repairs and renovations, there is no better choice in Winnipeg for your pool repairs than us.

We’ll Do It Underwater! Repair Your Pool, We Mean. What Were You Thinking?

We started out in the business just doing underwater pool repairs, and grew from there. Our trained on-staff divers are able to perform just about any repair underwater, allowing you to save money on chemicals and the water truck. We can locate damage and pool liner holes and often perform repairs on the same day.

Our divers are equipped with scuba gear and specialized underwater vinyl adhesive to allow them to easily repair your liner. When our divers are inspecting your pool liner, they cover every square inch of it, along with your gaskets, skimmer, jets, lights, and main drain - which will help you figure out what may need an immediate fix and what can wait.

A Leaky Pool Is No Joke Because Of What It Can Cost You

If you are losing water through even the smallest of holes, you risk:

  • Additional damage to your pool liner and pool walls over time if the leak is from a hole
  • Losing the chemicals you add to your pool, increasing pool maintenance costs
  • Requiring constant water refills

Leaks can happen through faulty pipes, holes in the liner, or both. The general rule is that if you are running your garden hose to fill your pool for more than an hour a week, you’ve probably got a leaky pool. We come equipped with the latest electronic leak detection equipment which can help us find and patch your leaks immediately.

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