Has Your Pool Been Damaged from Something Out of Your Control?

If so, we work with all insurance companies regarding pool claims, with extensive experience with the process. Often, insurance companies contact us to write assessments or inspection reports on swimming pool damage.

Some of the situations we’ve been called to report and work on are:

  • Wind damage.
  • Winter damage.
  • Pool liner rips.
  • Pool leaks.
  • Pool wall corrosion.
  • Pool stair damage.
  • Bubbling liner.
  • Damage to pool liner from large animals.
  • Chewing damage from rodents.
  • Vandalism.
  • Damage cause by extreme weather, such as hail.

Filing an Insurance Claim for Your Swimming Pool

To start a claim for your swimming pool, speak directly with your insurance provider first. They will be able to save you time by quickly providing you with answers regarding your claim.

Insurance claims can be challenging. When UV Pools completes your pool repairs, you can rest assured that all services will be done properly, and promptly.

Insurance companies often recommend us to their customers for all pool repair services.

What Do I Do if my Insurance Claim Is Approved?

Customers always have the final say on who will repair their pool damage, even if an insurance company is paying for the service.

While insurance companies can recommend a contractor, as a customer, you get to make the final choice.

We Can Help

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Call UV Pools in Winnipeg today to discuss your damage. Our owner Dale Kreviazuk would be pleased to provide you a quote so that you can start enjoying your pool again, as soon as possible.


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