Common Pool Coping Problems

Older pool coping will get brittle with time and start to show its age after 20-30 years. Here is a list of coping issues we have come across.

  • Cracked pool coping
  • Gaps between the coping and the concrete
  • Separation in the coping joints
  • Deteriorating concrete directly behind the pool coping
  • Rusted and rotten fasteners that have broken off allowing the coping to become loose
  • Pool liner falling out of the coping and creating a smily

What Pool Coping Issues Can Be Repaired?

In some cases, repairs to coping are simple enough that you can actually do them yourself. In other situations, it’s best to bring in the professionals.

Many coping related issues involve concrete cutting to repair or replace the coping. Other coping styles are fastened on to the pool wall and are able to be repaired easier.

Is You Pool Liner Falling Out Of Your Coping?

If your liner is falling out of the coping, you may be able to repair this yourself using boiling water as long as the liner is not old and brittle. To learn how to repair a pool coping using boiling water, give us a call. If you’d feel more comfortable having a professional take care of the liner, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Is There Gaps In Your Pool Coping?

If your coping has come loose or has gaps, it needs to be caulked with silicone or joint filler. If the gaps aren’t filled, frost can continue to expand, widen, and crack the coping. This will give the coping a weathered appearance.

Plastic vs Aluminum Coping

Most of the pools installed today have aluminum coping, which is usually superior to PVC or plastic coping. Why? Unlike plastic coping, aluminum doesn’t get brittle and is less likely to crack from shifting. This is particularly important in Manitoba because of the large temperature differences we see here. Additionally, sun exposure doesn’t cause aluminum coping to deteriorate.

The only real downside of aluminum coping is that when it’s left unpainted, it’s less corrosion resistant than PVC.  At UV Pools, we’ve solved this particular problem by only using highly durable powder-coat-painted aluminum coping.

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