What is Pool Coping?

Pool coping is the trim on the inside edge of a pool.

This coping finishes off the edge of the concrete deck, and makes a clear ending point as to where the top of the pool liner ends, holding the liner into place.

In Winnipeg, the most common type of coping on older pools is made of PVC plastic, but coping can also be made of:

  • Plastic.
  • Painted aluminum.
  • Concrete.
  • Stone.
  • Brick.

Can I Change or Replace my Pool Coping?

Pool coping may be replaced. However, this is easier with some coping styles than others.

Coping that is buried in concrete requires some removal of the concrete to install the new coping.

Which is Better: Aluminum or Plastic Coping?

In most new pools, aluminum coping is the superior and recommended choice of coping.

Unlike PVC coping, aluminum does not become brittle from sun exposure, and will not shrink and create “joints”.

The only drawback to choosing aluminum coping is that when left unpainted, it is not as corrosion resistant as plastic. Oxidation can occur on unpainted aluminum with exposure to unbalanced pool water, especially in chipped areas of the coping. Luckily, at UV Pools, all of our aluminum coping is powder coat painted, significantly lowering the risk of damage and oxidation.

What Are my Pool Coping Style Options?

At UV Pools, we carry coping styles to fit just about any pool in Winnipeg, including:

  • Brick coping.
  • Concrete coping.
  • Top mount patio coping (usually 6 inches wide)
  • Bull nose front mount aluminum coping (casted to concrete)

We would like to mention that we do not carry, and cannot obtain, many older styles of coping. The coping that we do carry is modern, up to date, and more efficient.

Don’t See the Coping You’re Seeking?

If you’re searching for a particular type of coping, let us know.

We have other styles available, and will happily discuss your needs and preferences with you.

We want to find the perfect type of pool coping for you. Call us today and get a free quote on your pool coping replacement service!


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