Is Your Pool Liner More Faded Than The Wallpaper At Your Mother’s House? Is Your Pool Liner Leaking More Than Your Wife’s Face At The End Of The Notebook?

If you’re dealing with a faulty, faded pool liner, you’ve found the droids you’re looking for at UV Pools. Or, at least, the pool liner you’re looking for. Droids will cost you a little extra and we don’t sell them.

UV Pools specializes only in pool liner replacements and pool line renovations, so we’re entirely focused on getting your backyard paradise back into shape, without distractions like hot tubs, spas, flying unicorns, or whatever else our competitors in Winnipeg are doing these days.

How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?

This really depends on the size, shape and age of your pool - as well as any necessary updates or improvements. Generally you’re looking at a starting range of $12,000-$15,000. You’ll only know for sure when you have one of our pool geeks out to have a look at your pool and give you a free quote. Contact us to get ‘er done.

Dammit. I Just Put In My Pool 10 Years Ago - How Long Do Pool Liners Last?

Realistically, most pool liners last between 8-12 years depending on many factors, the most important of which is pool maintenance. And clipping your family’s toenails before they get too gnarly. More seriously, most of our liners are warrantied for much longer than they may last, although they usually aren’t warrantied against things like punctures or the usual things that will take out a pool liner. When our team leaves, they’ll make sure you know all the steps you need to follow to ensure a long life for your new liner.

Can I Trust Your Team Of Pool Freaks To Do The Job Right So I Don’t Have The Same Issues That Led To My Pool Liners Demise?

Short answer, yes. We come to each job with decades of experience, freakish attention to detail, a commitment to excellence, and a solemn vow that we will treat your pool and home as if it were our own.

Here are just some of the reasons to have us replace your pool liner:

  • All we do is pool liners and pool renovations. We’re not jacks-of-all-pool-trades and masters of none. We’re dedicated pool liner gurus and know everything there is to know about them.
  • We’ve got a family history stretching back almost 50 years in pool construction and renovation. Our reputation, reliability and attention to detail set us apart from the other pool companies.
  • We know the unique climate conditions that Winnipeg homeowners face and will ensure you’re getting a liner that can withstand the horrors of our winters and the excessive sun rays of our summers.
  • We’ve got more than 800 successful installations in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba under our belts. Boom. Mic drop.
  • Our owner is always onsite to oversee the project and details, along with our site supervisor. Dale and his team are serious about their work, but they’ll keep you laughing while they’re doing it - and no liner replacement is done without Dale’s stamp of approval.
  • We have a huge variety of pool liner patterns and other features to choose from, from multiple pool liner manufacturers.
  • All of our staff regularly attend training seminars and trade shows in the pool industry, ensuring that we’re always on the leading edge of advancements and better ways to replace your pool liner.

How Do I know My Pool Liner Has Gone To The Land Of The Great Pool Liners In The Sky?

Although it’s completely against the laws of profit creation, Dale will tell you if all your pool liner needs is a repair rather than a replacement. In some cases, you could use a replacement, but a repair will help you get a couple of years out of your liner before you have to cough up the dough for a full replacement. We’ll be really transparent about what your options are.

Your pool liner is toast if:

  • Your pool is losing water
  • Your pool liner is extremely aged (over 20 years old)
  • Your pool liner is developing new wrinkles and bubbles
  • Your pool liner is faded, stained, or torn above the water line

    What’s The Pool Liner Replacement Process Look Like?

    Can I Add Steps To My Pool?

    Pretty simple, really. You have us out for an estimate, you approve the estimate and pay us a deposit, then we arrange a date for the installation. Our friendly pack of pool nerds are licensed, bonded and insured, so you can trust us to run all over your backyard like crazed minions. Once they’re done, our owner inspects the job and on his approval we call it done. Then we hand over the warranty paperwork and you pay the final amount owing once you are satisfied with the job. The time each job takes depends on our schedule, how long it takes to manufacture your liner, and how big the job is, but most liner replacements can generally happen in one day when the liner is received at our facility. For a more in-depth explanation of the pool liner replacement process, check out our infographic which gently takes your hand and walks you through the entire process.

    Heck yes, you can add steps to your pool. You can add anything you want, and the labour cost is much lower to add any extras while we’re replacing a liner than if we were to come back and install them later on their own. Just make sure you make your decisions about any extras in advance - pool liners are cut to make room for steps and other features, and each pool liner is manufactured custom to your pool’s specifications.

    Some of our extras include:

    • Upgrades to pool equipment
    • A walk-in staircase
    • Pool lights
    • Conversion to salt water
    • Rubaroc
    • Pool Deck Restoration

    Contact UV Pools today to get your free estimate anywhere in Winnipeg or the surrounding area.

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