Pool Experts From Some Big Names In Winnipeg

UV Pools is a Winnipeg pool company with pool industry expertise in its DNA. Our founder’s Dad, Sam, started building area pools back in 1968. After spending thirteen years doing that, he founded Krevco Pool and Spa, which he sold after building it into a successful business. His son Dale Kreviazuk saw a huge need in the area for specialization in pool liner repairs and pool renovations, and struck out on his own in 2006 as a one-man show.

In 2009, UV Pools hired its first employee, and we’ve been a fixture in the Winnipeg pool industry landscape ever since. Today, we take our specialization in revamping pools very seriously, and have even machined our own specialized equipment to make the process easier for us and less expensive for homeowners. But enough reading - just look at this pretty picture.

The Kreviazuk Swimming Pool Legacy


The Kreviazuk family enters into the pool industry, kicking off their five-decade total pool domination. Sam Kreviazuk, a first-generation pool builder from a farm, starting working on pools for Travers Supply.


Sam Kreviazuk, after working as a pool builder for 13 years, becomes an enterprising entrepreneur and co-founds Krevco Pool and Spa.


After four years of working side-by-side with his father, Dale Kreviazuk completes scuba diving training and begins performing underwater pool repairs.


Dale Kreviazuk, officially now a second-generation pool boy, starts Underwater Vinyl Pool Repair. Dale leverages his industry experiences gained while working with his father. This year also saw the sale of Krevco Pool.


UV Pools hires its first employee, Frank Guzzi.


Sam Kreviazuk and a number of other pool industry experts join the UV Pools family, helping it quickly grow into the company you know and love today.


UV Pools begins to develop its own proprietary tools, including hydraulic pool panel levelling and a fabrication machine. These tools have helped UV Pools revolutionize the way that pools are renovated and leveled.


UV Pools is fully equipped to staff three full crews and and a full-time customer service department. UV Pools is now recognized as Manitoba’s only Genesis 3 Gold status accredited pool company.

Our company is built on a family legacy, and we take that part very seriously. It isn’t just the UV Pools name on the line, but the Kreviazuk name too. And we want to make both look good. Our plans for the future involve building our team and ensuring that we’re the first name you think of if you have a problem with your pool, need a pool liner, or want an old pool renovated.

This legacy plays a large role in the creation and growth of the brand you see today. The legacy of the Kreviazuk family revolves around a focus on customers, and the single goal of becoming the most trusted name in pools.

This legacy of customer service, as well as a passion for the fun that pools bring to their owners, is inseparable from the brand that Dale Kreviazuk has built today.

Become part of our family! Let the experts at UV Pools use their decades of knowledge and experience to help make your pool renovation and installation dreams a reality.

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