Two Types Of Stairs

The two main types of stairs found on pools in Winnipeg are:

  • Fiberglass/Acrylic
  • Thermoplastic

Fiberglass/acrylic stairs are easier to fix if you find issues with them, while a crack in a thermoplastic step may mean that you’ll need to replace the stairs.

Do You Fear Your Stairs Are Leaking?

Most pool steps with cracks on them are simply superficial cracks in the acrylic, and not complete leaks. These cracks are best left alone. Do not attempt to paint over these cracks, as the paint does not last as long as the factory acrylic finish.

A crack (like the one in the picture to the right) is large enough that it would leak if found below the waterline. Based upon the severity of the crack, it can sometimes be fixed.

What Can Cause Stairs to Crack?

Superficial surface cracks are caused from aging. These superficial cracks are not severe, as it is simply the acrylic cracking.

If you see a crack that has separated, it is likely a stress crack. These types of crack can leak, and are caused by frost damage, shifting, or settling. If the crack is bad enough, the staircase may need to be completely replaced.

How Are Cracks Repaired?

Our professional staircase re-finishers repair cracks with fiberglass and epoxy paint.
Depending on the severity of the cracks, the steps can be refinished with acrylic, and restored so that they appear new once again. However, replacing the staircase may be the best option for severe, leaking cracks.

If you have a thermoplastic staircase with cracks, it is most likely that they will require complete replacement, as they tend to have more critical leaks.

What Causes Bubbling on Pool Staircases?

Pool staircases consist of fiberglass and acrylic layers. If water seeps between these layers, delamination occurs, leading to blisters, or “bubbling”.

These blisters, or bubbles, must be fixed before the damage to the fiberglass and acrylic can be repaired.

We Can Help

When you call UV Pools in Winnipeg, you can be sure that your concerns are heard, and that one of our trained pool experts will come and inspect the situation.

Once we know the damage that we are dealing with, we can determine whether repair or replacement is the right option for you.


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