Underwater vinyl pool liner repair is our specialty!

When owner Dale Kreviazuk founded UV Pools, the first jobs we took on were those involving detecting holes in vinyl pool liners, and proceeding to fix them underwater. In fact, the UV in UV Pools stands for Underwater Vinyl.

If you’re looking to have your pool liner completely replaced, give us a call!

Don’t Attempt Vinyl Pool Liner Repairs Yourself - Trust the Experts

If you’ve been attempting to locate holes in your pool liner, you know that it is a time-consuming and frustrating job. Without the right tools or expertise, it is hard to notice the symptoms that you are looking for.

When we are detecting holes in a pool liner, our professional divers are equipped with scuba equipment. These experts quickly locate the holes, and fix them using a special underwater vinyl adhesive.

We Take Time to Ensure that Leaking Areas are Fixed

As our divers inspect your pools liner, they’ll take extra care to thoroughly examine every square inch of the liner, including the sealing surfaces like:

  • Gaskets around the staircase
  • Skimmer
  • Jets
  • Lights
  • Main drain

Because we have the ability to repair almost anything underwater, you can enjoy the saving of both money and time by not having to pump out your entire pool.

How Do I Know if I Have a Leak

Has the water in your pool slowly been draining, or sinking down?

While it’s normal for a pool to lose some water through evaporation, splash out, and backwash, you’ll gain back most of that water through rainfall.

If you’re routinely adding an inch or more of water each week (an hour of running the garden hose), you probably have a leak.

If you do suspect a leak, ensure that you have the leak professionally repaired before your pool experiences structural damage. If old age has led to cracks within your pool liner, we recommend that the whole liner be replaced.

If you suspect a leak within your pool pipes, our professionals are able to diagnose and repair that problem as well. Thanks to our modern, state-of-the-art leak detection equipment, we won’t have to dig up your yard to find small leaks.

Why Should I Repair my Pool Liner?

Having an efficient pool liner can save you money, and stress in the long-run. Even the most discreet hole your liner, one as small as a pen point, can cause hundreds or thousands of liters of water to leak from your pool each week.

When you have a leak of this size, the pressure from the pool water causes water to leak from these small holes at a rapid rate. Not only does this significantly increase your water and chemical costs, but it can also result in structural damage to the pool itself if not resolved as soon as possible.

What Services Do UV Pools Provide?

With our time-proven leak detection methods and quality, high-tech electronic equipment, we can perform the following services:

Vinyl liner replacement
Plumbing line pressure testing
Underground pipe leak detection
Full underwater diving services

If you suspect a pool liner leak, we can have your pool liner repair done, don’t hesitate another minute! Call UV Pools now for a free quote.

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