Open And Close Your Pool Cover With The Touch Of A Button

UV Pools offers convenient, automatic retractable pool covers that open or close with the click of a button.

These automatic covers can be installed in your pool at any time, or during a renovation job. These high quality covers provide a sense of added safety, as they allow your kids and pets to play freely in the backyard, without the worry of someone falling into the pool . As an added benefit, these auto covers are also safe to walk on.

Our automatic pool covers are produced by Coverstar Canada, and feature a key-operated lockout pad to eliminate the risk of children opening your pool cover on their own.

Will an Automatic Cover Work on my Pool?

We can successfully install automatic pool covers on almost any shape of pool. However, it is best to have our professionals assess your situation individually, as there is a diverse range of configurations and variables to take into account.

What Does an Automatic Pool Cover Cost?

Typically, automatic pool covers range in cost from $25,000 to $35,000.

How Does the Automatic Pool Cover Work?

Automatic pool covers are made of a flexible vinyl material, allowing them to float on top of the water.

  • The automatic cover is extended using hidden ropes, carried inside the pool coping. Once the ropes are extended, the cover is then attached to the sides of your pool using a special track system, creating a barrier impenetrable by children or animals.
  • To retract the cover, an electric motor rolls up the cover around the drum, and retracts it into the housing box installed at the deep end of your pool.

Your pool cover only takes 30 seconds to fully extend or contract. A clutch prevents damage to the mechanism, or injury to anyone who is in your pool as the cover is closing.

If you’re ready to install an automatic pool cover in your backyard pool, call UV Pools in Winnipeg and get a free quote from owner, Dale Kreviazuk.

Why Would I Want an Automatic Pool Cover In Winnipeg?

Safety is the primary reason to install an automatic pool covering, but pool owners can greatly benefit from spending less time spent performing pool maintenance and cleaning duties, allowing you to enjoy your time in your pool.

In Winnipeg, a backyard pool is the perfect gathering place for family and friends on a hot summer’s day. But, uncovered pools pose a serious danger for children and pets. Tragic instances happen yearly, and could have been easily prevented with proper pool coverings.

Automatic pool covers will save you money by keeping heat contained within the pool rather than evaporating during cool nights. In addition, you will also spend less time balancing your pool water.

Features of Our Automatic Pool Covers

Our automatic pool covers are designed to stand the test of time with components crafted to extend the life of your pool cover. Some of these features include:

  • Metal components made of stainless steel, which are significantly more durable than the industry standard of aluminum components .
  • The pool covers we offer are heat stitched, rather than sewn. Heat stitching reinforces its strength, further extending the life of the cover.

UV Pools range of automatic pool covers are available in several colours and styles, allowing you to enhance the beauty of your pool and backyard.

What’s Involved In Having an Automatic Cover Installed?

There are 2 main types of automatic pool cover installations. Which approach we use is decided upon by knowing if we have to replace the concrete apron. The two approaches are:

  1. Deck Mount: The solid pool cover is mounted on top of the pool deck, and low profile rails are set in place. These rails act as “tracks” for the cover to follow.
  2. Recessed Mount: Recessed mount installations are more commonly seen on the installation of new pools. They are more concealed than deck mount installations, but work best on rectangle shaped pools.

Both pool cover installations require buried electrical work, mounting of the roller and mechanism, and installation of the tracks.

Industry-Leading Warranty

Coverstar Automatic Safety Cover come with the following warranties:

  • 20 years on the mechanism.
  • 7 years on the fabric and heat-sealed webbing.
  • 5 years on the completely sealed motor.
  • 2 years on the rope - this is an industry first!

We Can Help

Each pool we work on is different, and requires a different approach for the successful installation of an automatic pool cover. To discuss your specific requirements with UV Pools owner Dale Kreviazuk, call us directly, or fill out our free quote form below.

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