What Do I Do if my Pool Pump Stopped Running?

If your pool pump has stopped working, there are a few simple checks that a homeowner can complete before calling a professional:

  • Is your breaker turned on in the basement?
  • Is the valve open on the front of your pump?
  • Is your filter handle position turned to filter?

You’ll want to call a professional for help if:

  • Your pump is humming.
  • Your pump became noisy and loud before it stopped working.
  • Your pump strainer basket has air in it.
  • Your pump ran for extended periods of time without water.
  • Your pump does not start as quickly as it used to.

How Much Do Pool Pumps Cost?

In general, pumps range between $900 for a small, single speed pump to $2,000 or more for a high-end, variable speed pump including installation.

What is the Purpose of a Pool Pump?

There is an old adage related to children, as well as pool pumps: they should be seen, and not heard!

A pool pump works as the “heart” of your pools circulatory system:

  • The pump moves water through the system.
  • After it’s moved through the system, the water is pulled through the skimmer.
  • The water is then pushed through the pump’s filter, ensuring that your water supply is nice and clean.

A pool pump should run efficiently, and quietly. If your pump is noisy, replacement may be imminent.

Replacing your pool pump with a modern, quieter model will save you money on operating costs, extend the lifespan of your pool, and keep your neighbours from complaining.

How Long Should my Pool Pump Last?

Pool pumps should last over 5 years, with many models lasting as long as 10.

Installing a pump that is properly sized to your pool is the most important variable in increasing the longevity of your pool pump. As a general rule for Winnipeg in-ground pools, a pool pump should not be larger than ¾ hp. Any larger, and it will be over-worked, will burn out quickly, and increase electricity costs when in use.

What Types of Pool Pumps are Available?

Pool pumps are available in two different types, each providing their own specific benefits:

Single Speed Pump: This type of pump are the most commonly found pumps in most older in-ground pools in Winnipeg. Thanks to advances in electric motors, these pumps are now available in a quieter, more efficient design.

Variable Speed Pump: These pumps are a modern style of pump, and are 4 times more energy efficient than single speed pumps. Variable speed pumps are quiet and efficient, saving users up to $1.50 per day in electrical costs.

With the increasing costs of electricity, investing in a variable speed pump may pay off in as soon as 2 swimming seasons, as they use about 80% less energy than single speed pumps.

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