Extend the Winnipeg Pool Season with a Pool Heater

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Manitoba isn’t exactly known for its balmy, tropical climate but you can fake that vacation feeling in wintery Winnipeg with a pool that’s open right up to the first frost.  Using a pool heater can extend your pool season by a whopping 40%, meaning you’ll get an extra month of use in spring, and again as winter approaches. That’s 40% … Read More

How to Detect a Leak in Your Pool

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Bad news – you think you have a leak in your pool. Good news – you get to play a fun game of pool detective.  If you notice water levels getting low in your pool, it’s time to get your Sherlock Holmes on. Best case scenario, it’s due to evaporation. Winnipeg summers can be a sweatfest and if there’s been … Read More

Pool Maintenance 101: How to Keep Your Pool in Perfect Shape

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As a (hopefully) responsible adult, you probably have a routine for maintaining things like your home and your vehicle. So why not your pool?  Time is not a friend to pools – and neither is the Winnipeg weather – but you can hold back both with regular checks to keep everything in top shape.  And we do mean regular. It … Read More

Winnipeg Pool Repair Company Takes Pride In Glowing Customer Reviews

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NAROL, MB:  UV Pools, a custom pool repair and renovation service headquartered near Winnipeg, is pleased to have recently received a number of outstanding online reviews from satisfied customers.  As the summer season approaches, the company looks forward to expanding its customer base as more and more pool owners become aware of the value its services can bring.     UV … Read More

The Definitive Guide to Chemical Balancing Your Pool

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What do cake, wine, and the chemicals in your Winnipeg pool have in common? They’re all best enjoyed in moderation.  Your pool is a finely-tuned blend of competing chemicals that clean your water, prevent algae from growing, and protect your pool equipment. Keeping these chemicals in balance can be tricky. Too much calcium and you’ll scald your liner, too little … Read More

Manitoba Home Pool Repair Company Invests In Team First Aid Training

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  NAROL, MB:  At UV Pools, a family-owned custom pool repair business located just northeast of the city of Winnipeg, the team of twelve staff has recently undergone First Aid and CPR training in preparation for the upcoming pool season.  With spring just around the corner, it’s important that UV Pools is 100% ready to dive into its seasonal work.   … Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Shocking A Pool

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The upsides of owning a pool in Winnipeg are obvious – summer dips, backyard pool parties, sunset swims – but those cherished moments are only possible with careful pool maintenance and cleaning.  It doesn’t matter whether you’ve had your pool for years, or just a few weeks, you should know about pool shocking – what it is, how to do … Read More

Why Your New Pool Liner Has a Shorter Shelf Life Than an Older One

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If your parents were lucky enough to have a pool they probably didn’t change the liner until you were long out of college and well into adulthood. And that’s not because they were too lazy to upgrade – back in the old days pool liners lasted a whopping 25 years. But times change, and pool liners change with them. The … Read More

Why Groundwater Can Be Bad News for Your Pool 

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What do pool owners and geologists have in common? They should both know a little something about groundwater. This natural phenomenon is a hazard for your inground pool, endangering its structure and putting pressure on your pool liner. So unless you like swimming in misshaped, leaky pools, you need to keep an eye out for the early signs of groundwater … Read More