Extend the Winnipeg Pool Season with a Pool Heater

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Manitoba isn’t exactly known for its balmy, tropical climate but you can fake that vacation feeling in wintery Winnipeg with a pool that’s open right up to the first frost. 

Using a pool heater can extend your pool season by a whopping 40%, meaning you’ll get an extra month of use in spring, and again as winter approaches. That’s 40% more pool parties and 40% more backyard fun. 

The dream of having a warm dip in the spring and a toasty swim in the fall is only a pool heater away. 

What type of pool heater should I get?

There are two top choices for Winnipeg pool owners:

Gas pool heaters

The advantage of using a gas heater is that they’re quick, quiet, and reliable. Especially if you opt for an automatic model rather than a manual so you can ignite the pilot light electronically.

We’ve seen a lot of heated pools in our time and, in our experience, gas heaters are the most popular choice in Manitoba, probably because they offer reliable heat regardless of the outside temperature. That said, we strongly advise against taking a polar swim in your backyard in December – frostbite is not a great look for Christmas.

Heat pumps

If you’re looking to save money over the long-term, consider a heat pump. While they’re about twice as expensive to install as a gas pool heater, they’re much cheaper to run and they’re a good fit if you want a long-lasting solution that offers 98% efficiency. 

Heat pumps do come with some downsides though – they’re bigger and clunkier than gas heaters (they look a bit like air conditioning units), and they need an outdoor temperature of at least 10 degrees to work.

How do I choose a pool heater?

As with any pool purchase, you do you. Pick a heater that’s right for your situation, your budget, and your space. That means thinking about how often you use your pool, the size of your pool, when you want to swim, whether you use a pool cover, and your ideal water temperature. 

If you’re feeling a little lost, give us a call. We know there’s a lot to consider and we can help you weigh your options and find the perfect heater for your needs. We can also share some tips on winterizing your heater and talk you through exactly how it works. We’re not pool experts for nothing! Whether you’re looking to repair your pool, upgrade your equipment, or invest in a heater, reach out with any questions and we’ll get you the answers.