Winnipeg Pool Repair Specialists Raise Awareness About Groundwater Issues Due to Wet Spring

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NAROL, MB:  UV Pools, a family-owned and operated provider of professional pool repair services in the Winnipeg area, is raising awareness about the potential groundwater issues that may affect in-ground pools due to an unusually wet spring.  Excess rainwater can lead to rising groundwater levels which, in turn, can impact pool liners and structure as well as water chemistry.  Fortunately, the certified and experienced team at UV Pools has the skills, equipment, and expertise to help!  


Founded in 2009 by experienced pool repairman Dale Kreviazuk, UV Pools is an established leader in complete pool renovation, repair, liner replacement and the installation of saunas, pool safety covers, and pool equipment.  Serving pool owners in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas, the company is known for its prompt, efficient service, extensive pool restoration knowledge, and customer-first approach.  UV Pools is the only Manitoba-based pool company to hold a Genesis 3 Gold accreditation for educational training and building ethics, and its team prides itself on staying on top of all changes that occur in the pool industry.  


This year has been a particularly rainy one in Manitoba, and the team at UV Pools is encountering many pool owners who are experiencing groundwater-related pool issues.  These include bulging or “floating” liners, which occur when water seeps in through concrete and fills the space between the liner and pool wall, and pressure against pool walls, which can occur when built-up groundwater causes shifting or cracking, particularly in old or weak pool structures.  


In many cases, groundwater issues need to be assessed by a professional pool and/or drainage expert who can suggest the best course of action.  Potential recommendations may include landscape improvements or the installation of a proper drainage system and sump pump.  If structural repairs or the installation of a new pool liner are necessary due to groundwater damage, the experienced pool professionals from UV Pools are always ready to help.  


UV Pools owner, Dale Kreviazuk, is committed to helping clients spot and address potential groundwater issues.  “The first noticeable sign of groundwater is usually a distinct bulging of the pool liner,” he said, “Take some time to wait out any consistent rain, as it may take a few days for the water to recede.  But if bulging is still prominent, contact a pool expert.”  


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