Ways to Make Your Backyard Pool Safe for Kids and Pets

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If you have a pool in your backyard, then no doubt safety is a concern whether you have kids and pets of your own, or friends or relatives who bring there’s over to enjoy your pool or hang out around it. There are a number of ways that you can make your pool safe for kids and pets, and help reduce your stress levels.

When kids are playing in and around the pool, it doesn’t matter how many times you yell, “No running!” or warn them of the dangers of doing so, when they’re excited and playing they’re going to run around the pool and you’ll hear that heart-sickening crack as head hits concrete. Given that you’re highly unlikely to ever stop this behaviour, you can make the chances of them slipping a lot less likely by covering the concrete around your pool with Rubaroc, a rubberized coating that is non-skid and highly durable. Applied on even cracked concrete, Rubaroc is an attractive upgrade that makes your pool area a lot safer. An added bonus is that Rubaroc gives you a cool flat surface perfect for walking on in bare feet, even on the hottest days.

If your kids are small, then fencing off your pool is a really good idea, if not essential. Same goes for pets – often little dogs have big ambitions when it comes to pools and will dive right in, but getting out again unassisted is a whole different ballgame. UV Pools offers safety fences that can be installed quickly and easily on all kinds of decks, and these are available in self-closing and self-locking options to you don’t have to put any thought into the gate when entering or leaving your pool area. Providing a barrier between your back yard and your pool, safety fences give peace of mind and means you can stress less when your kids or pets are outside playing.

Instead of fencing your pool off, you could choose to install a pool safety cover, which covers your pool so securely that you can walk on it with no fear of getting anywhere near the water. Made of a heavy duty UV-treated fabric that is available in a number of attractive colours that you can match with your pool furniture or outdoor decor, all our safety covers come with a 15 year pro-rated warrantee so there’s another thing you won’t have to worry about.

Whatever safety concerns you might have, we offer a number of solutions and are always happy to give a free quote. Contact us to see how we can help you get the pool of your dreams.

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