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Why are these covers safe?

Because you can walk over them safety, unlike conventional winter tarp covers. Kids and pets can also be safe in your backyard when your pool is winterized.

Are they hard to use and hard to tension properly?

Safety covers are actually much easier to use than a conventional cover. If you’ve been through the winterizing process for a pool in Winnipeg, you know that this can be a major chore. You fill your water bags and roll out your black winter tarp – and then hope the wind cooperates!

How are they used?

The cover attaches to small brass anchors with the provided tool. It takes 2 people about 10-15 mins to install or remove it. This “trampoline style” of pool cover is a clean-looking option that requires no maintenance. Stainless steel springs pull the safety cover tight, and brass pop-up anchors hold it down. These anchors are screwed down while you are enjoying your pool during the summer months to eliminate any tripping hazard.

So what happens when the snow starts to fly?

Snow piles up on top of the cover, which causes it to sag down into the pool where it rests on top of the ice until spring. When temperatures warm up in the spring and the ice begins to thaw, the water from the snow will simply filter through the fine mesh of the pool cover into the pool, eliminating the problem of decomposing leaves and other debris that rots in the standing water that remains on a conventional winter cover.


Thanks to the heavy duty UV-treated fabric, which is available in many colours to match your outside décor, your safety cover will last many years. All of our safety covers come with a 15 year pro-rated warranty.

Want to learn more about this low-maintenance, cleaner style of pool cover? Call UV Pools today. One of our helpful team members will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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