Is It Time To Replace Your Pool Liner?

Dale KreviazukBlog

At UV Pools, we understand just how important your pool is to you. We know you take good care of your pool in an effort to expand its lifespan. But, did you know that your pool could need a liner replacement, and you might not even realize it? UV Pools are experts on vinyl liner replacements. Here are some helpful tips to help inform you about how to tell when it’s time to replace your liner.
Leaking: If your pool begins to leak and it won’t stop, chances are your liner could have a tear. Depending on where the rip is located and the size of the tear in the liner you can attempt to patch it up. However, just remember that the longer you leave the tear unfixed, the more time you allow for the rip to grow and let more water leak.

Faded: A very common reason to get your liner replaced is because it loses its colour and pattern. Over time the expose to the sun and chlorine can cause the decorative pattern to fade on the liner, and it can often become an eye sore to some. A new liner can provide you with the same vibrancy that your pool first gave you when it was new.

Wrinkles: Over time, a liner can begin to wrinkle because it is old, because the pool water chemistry has been poorly maintained. A new liner will get rid of these wrinkles and have your pool looking as good as new.

Need a change: Sometimes you just need a change.  Whether you want a new colour or a new pattern in your pool, we can help.

UV Pools specializes in vinyl liner replacements in Winnipeg. Our team of experts will come to your home and replace your liner. For any more information about pool liner replacement, contact us or check out our website.