5 Common Pool Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

Angela WestBlog

The key to a happy life as a pool owner is to carefully maintain it all year long. The better you maintain your swimming pool, the more mileage you’ll be able to get out of it. Unfortunately, many pool owners tend to make the same mistakes over and over again, resulting in avoidable frustration. Next time you’re looking to do … Read More

How to choose a pool liner pattern?

Dale KreviazukBlog

I get asked very often, what is the nicest pool liner, or what is my favorite pool liner pattern. It can be difficult to envision your pool with a certain new pattern just by looking at a small sample. It is also difficult for me to recommend the best pattern for your pool without seeing it or knowing your tastes. … Read More

A Typical Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement

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1. Schedule the job. 2. Measuring the pool for the new liner. This is a step that must be done carefully since the fit of the new liner will directly impact the success of the replacement job. If the new liner is too small it will be over stressed when filled and the potential for tearing exists. If it’s too … Read More

Torn and Shredded Pool Liner in Winnipeg

Dale KreviazukBlog

If your pool liner has torn like in the picture to the left it is definitely time for a pool liner replacement. This means that your pool liner is very brittle and your pool is in need of makeover. If your pool liner is 20 years old then you are doing well and it is definitely time for a new liner. … Read More

Is It Time To Replace Your Pool Liner?

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At UV Pools, we understand just how important your pool is to you. We know you take good care of your pool in an effort to expand its lifespan. But, did you know that your pool could need a liner replacement, and you might not even realize it? UV Pools are experts on vinyl liner replacements. Here are some helpful … Read More

Damaged pool liner from rodent

Dale KreviazukBlog

If your pool has leaked out over the winter or you have pumped it down, it is best to keep it covered. This keeps the liner out of the sun as well as keeps rodents from eating through your pool liner. Pictured left is a liner that was shredded by a rodent. This pool was in need of a new … Read More