Swimming Pools of the Rich and Famous

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If money was no object, what kind of pool would you put in your back yard? Here are some crazy cool swimming pools that celebrities and other wealthy folk have built into their grounds, and even if you can’t kick things up to this level, maybe you’ll find a few grains of inspiration from them when thinking about renovating your pool.

Celine Dion’s immense water-resort. When she bought two properties in Florida’s Jupiter Island, Dion had a huge water resort built for her family and friends to enjoy that comes complete with massive pools, a lazy river, slides, and bridge. If you have a spare $72.5 million hidden down the back of your sofa, maybe you’d like to put an offer on the property as it is currently up for sale.

Mark Wahlberg’s stunning pool. Rivaling the types of pool you’d find at a gorgeous Caribbean resort, this newly completed pool at Wahlberg’s Beverley Hills mansion has waterslides, grottos, and cabanas. Perfect for his four kids to play in.

Drake’s awesomely cool water playland. In the Canadian rapper’s Los Angeles home (known as the YOLO mansion), there’s a fantastic pool complete with a grotto lit with flaming iron torches, and waterfalls controlled with a remote. Apparently he is also having an Olympic sized pool built at his Toronto home.

The ultimate pool for Scuba diving enthusiasts. If you have a spare two million dollars laying around, you could get a pool like this one built, complete with 5 waterfalls, mountains, and a hidden waterslide. Plus, there’s a special grotto with underground caves designed especially for practicing your scuba diving. Crazy! Watch the video below to be impressed.

Whatever budget you are working with, contact us to see how we can help you get the pool of your dreams. From water features to lights and much more, we can work wonders with your existing pool.

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