Seven Ways You Can Update Your Pool

Dale KreviazukBlog

No matter the age or condition of your pool, there are lots of things you can do to improve it and make it a much more pleasant place to spend your time. Here are seven ways you can update your pool, ranging from practical updates to exciting stand-out additions:

  • Light it up. If you love nothing more than a dip in your pool on a hot summer night, then you should consider adding some underwater pool lighting. Not only does this help make night swimming safer, but it also looks gorgeous, especially if you opt for coloured lights (we can even install lights that go from white to blue to green to red to violet and then yellow, or various shades in between depending on how you set the lights to transition). Recent changes in technology have made LED lights the go-to choice – the only use 1/5th of the power that traditional halogen lights did, and last considerably longer, saving you money in two ways.
  • Add walk-in stairs. Ditch that creaky old ladder and add some stylish walk-in stairs to give your pool a resort feel, and make it easer and safer for everyone to get in and out of. There are two ways that we can add walk-in stairs, either by extending your pool and adding fiberglass steps (which means you don’t lose any space in your pool) or by adding steps into your pool that we would then cover with the pool liner.
  • Improve your deck. If the concrete deck around your pool is cracked or tired looking, consider having it covered over with Rubaroc, a rubberized coating that hides damage and provides a soft, cool surface to walk around on. Because the surface of Rubaroc is soft and grippy, it also prevents slipping (great if you have little kids who keep running around the pool no matter how many times you tell them not to!).
  • Add some pizazz. We have a number of fun options if you really want to make your pool stand-out. The pool water features that we can install include LED lit jets that pump water up to eight feet up and out, to natural gas fire bowls and LED bubbler jet fountains, we can make magic in your backyard. This is of course super-impressive if you do a lot of backyard entertaining.
  • Go high tech. We can add an automation system that enables you to control your pool equipment, yard lights, and heater, all from your smart phone. So, when you’re at work thinking how nice it would be to go for a dip later, or decide to throw a last minute pool party, everything can be ready and waiting for you by the time you get home. How cool is that?
  • Fence it off. As your family grows, whether that be through having kids or getting a puppy, you might want to consider adding a safety fence around your pool to prevent accidents. We can provide a number of attractive options, and give advice on just how safe you need to make your pool area.
  • Cover it up. Adding an automatic pool cover that opens and closes with the click of a button is a good idea for several reasons. Firstly, the covers we provide are safe to walk on, and takeaway worries about your kids or pets accidentally falling in and getting into trouble. Secondly, pool covers keep debris from getting into your pool, and keep warmth in, reducing your heating costs.


7 Ways to Update your pool

If you’re interested in renovating or updating your pool contact us, we’ll give you a free quote to show what it would take to get the pool of your dreams.