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 Pool lights don’t just add a relaxing ambiance to your pool; they are also a valuable safety feature, making night time swimming and diving an option. At UV Pools in Winnipeg, we are happy to help you choose the type of lighting that will best fit your needs, your budget, and your lifestyle.

Choosing Your Underwater Pool Lights

We have several lighting options to choose from, with a number of different features.

White LED Lighting – White LED safety lights brighten your pool at night and make night swimming a safe and fun option during the hot summer months.

Multi-Colour Mood Lighting – Want to transform your yard into a backyard oasis? We can install underwater mood lighting that only uses 75 watts and changes colours from white to blue, green, violet, red, yellow, and everything in between when set to transition and fade mode.

Pool Lighting Placement

Your pool lights are flush mounted in the vertical walls of your pool. They can be placed either at the end of your pool or along the side walls. We’ll discuss the location, depth, and shape of your pool and even the pool liner colour and power source to help you choose the light type and colour that will best complement your pool.

Halogen vs. LED

In the past, halogen pool lights were the only option, but now LED lights are available. We love LEDs because they use only one-fifth of the power of halogen lights and last considerably longer as well, helping you to save money over the life of your pool.

Copper vs. Stainless Steel

Every light we install is made of modern stainless steel construction instead of copper. The low pH of pool water reacts with the copper on lights of older construction, eventually causing them to leak.

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