How to choose a pool liner pattern?

Dale KreviazukBlog

I get asked very often, what is the nicest pool liner, or what is my favorite pool liner pattern. It can be difficult to envision your pool with a certain new pattern just by looking at a small sample. It is also difficult for me to recommend the best pattern for your pool without seeing it or knowing your tastes.
We carry white, light blue, dark blue, brown, grey and black liner patters. The most popular are the blues followed by the white patterns. Dark pool liners are often desired but rarely chosen. They are a big change and will change the look of your back yard. When choosing a dark or light pool liner you must consider your pool surroundings and other colours in your yard. If you really like the sparkly water look go with a light pool liner. If you like the deep blue colours or a darker shade then choose a darker pool liner. To view the complete liner pattern gallery click here.