How Often Should I Clean my Pool?

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The question on how frequently to clean your pool is a challenging one to answer as cleaning a pool isn’t any simple task! You must be observant and care for problems when they arise.

Maintenance of Swimming Pool

It is vital to keep your pool clean. It’s one of the ideal methods of avoiding pool maintenance issues. Taking a bit of time to spot clean any time you view a floating leaf or algae or see a piece of equipment which just does not tend to be working properly will save you headaches and money.

Cleaning Skimmers and Pumps

On an ongoing basis, keep pumps clean by keeping an eye on the pressure levels. As the pressure is high, immediately backwash them. Two times every season, you ought to thoroughly clean the pumps. Open them and completely clean them out. This activity requires seasonal, weekly attention!

Clean the skimmers on a daily basis if your swimming pool is close to trees. If there aren’t any trees around, two times per week might be okay. You will only know if the schedule is appropriate by the number of times you have to backwash the pumps and if your plumbing and skimmers are becoming clogged with hair, leaves, and additional debris.

Usually, your two-times-a-week maintenance activities ought to comprise of:

  • Testing the pH levels. They ought to be 7.4 – 7.6. Adjust swimming pool chemicals as necessary to attain the right pH levels.
  • Testing free chlorine levels. They ought to be from 1.0 to 3.0 PPM (parts per million). As needed, adjust chlorine levels.
  • Emptying the skimmer baskets.
  • Skimming the swimming pool for debris, leaves, and insects.

Vacuum the swimming pool at least one time/ week – perhaps two times. Again, that depends upon how much errant debris from swimmers and trees you must deal with. Vacuuming makes it more convenient to control the level of pH; therefore, it is vital to ensure that you frequently vacuum enough to avoid debris decay on the pool’s bottom.

Your week-to-week maintenance tasks ought to comprise of these:

  • Giving the pool a shock treatment. Add in a bag of shock for each 10,000 gallons.
  • Treating the pool with a maintenance level of algae preventative dose.
  • Cleaning the pool water line/pool tile.
  • Brushing the swimming pool walls
  • Vacuuming your pool.

Besides bi-weekly, weekly, and daily tasks, monthly, you ought to collect water samples in order to take to a water testing service for expert testing and pool chemical assessment.

Every 2 months, you ought to close the pool for 2 to 3 days and do the following tasks:

  • Use degreaser and filter cleaner to clean the filters and get gathered oil and grease out.
  • Dose the pool with a flock or a metal remover. Permit this to work for 2 to 3 days and vacuum your pool.

If you do not keep the pool clean, you’ll have an algae problem, so it is important to keep the filters clean and remain in control of your maintenance for the safest and best-looking pool.

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