Safe For Adults, Kids and Pets

As the name suggests, a safety cover can be walked on by pets, kids and even adults. This clean looking cover is made of a strong and fine mesh that lets water through the cover while the leafs and debris stay on top. This “trampoline style” of winter pool cover requires no maintenance and is a breeze to put on or take off.

Because you can walk over them safely, unlike conventional winter tarp covers, kids and pets can be safe in your backyard when your pool is winterized.

How Do They Work?

A safety cover is a fine mesh material that is secured with a grid of straps and springs. Stainless steel springs pull the safety cover tight, and brass pop-up anchors in your pool deck hold it down. These anchors are screwed down flush with the concrete while you are enjoying your pool during the summer months to eliminate any tripping hazard.

What Do These Covers Cost?

There are of course different variables that effect the price of a mesh safety cover in Winnipeg, however the range is generally $2000-$4000 + tax. That range also includes the measuring and installation.

No Mess In Spring? Really?

Nope. One of the most favorite features of a safety cover is the lack of mess to clean in spring. How the cover looks in the picture is how your pool will look in the spring. The snow melts and filters through and any leafs blow off the cover from wind.

Are Safety Covers Hard To Install?

Once we drill in the permanent anchors for you, safety covers are actually much easier to use than a conventional cover. It takes 2 people about 10-15 mins to install or remove it. If you’ve been through the winterizing process for a pool in Winnipeg, you know that this can be a major chore. You fill your water bags and roll out your black winter tarp – and then hope the wind cooperates!

So What Happens When The Snow Starts To Fly?

Snow piles up on top of the cover, which causes it to sag down into the pool where it rests on top of the ice until spring. When temperatures warm up in the spring and the ice begins to thaw, the water from the snow will simply filter through the fine mesh of the pool cover into the pool, eliminating the problem of decomposing leaves and other debris that rots in the standing water that remains on a conventional winter cover.

How Long Do They Last?

With normal winter use on a pool in Winnipeg, 10-15 years of use is normal before it should be replaced.


Thanks to the heavy duty UV-treated fabric, which is available in many colours to match your outside décor, your safety cover will last many years. All of our safety covers come with a 15 year pro-rated warranty.

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How to Install a Pool Safety Cover

Instructions on how to install your pool safety cover.

Walk on Pool Safety Covers

These are the covers you can walk on and use for winter time. They are a fine mesh so water goes through and leaves and debris stay on top.

Winter Water Height for Safety Covers

Shows how high you should keep your pool water for the winter time if you are using a safety cover.

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