Common Swimming Pool Care Mistakes

Dale KreviazukCovers, Pool Decks

The sunshine is beating high as the sweat drips off of your frozen strawberry daiquiri and your cute new puppy jumps aboard your innertube. There are reasons why so many homeowners opt to have pools and the positives may vastly outweigh all negatives, if you correctly care for and maintain the pool. Below we list the most common mistakes that pool owners make which may oftentimes lead to expensive repairs or green pools.

Allowing the pets to play in the pool

There isn’t anything like a fun day at the pool with your dog, but make sure to correctly care for the pool if it is both human and pet friendly. Net your pool right after your pet’s swim.

In addition, clean the filter and skimmer basket the day after to make sure the hair does not get back inside the pool. The right maintenance will prevent excess debris or even worse – clogged impeller.

Turning off the pool pump

It is a fact that not running your pool pump possibly could save you money on your utility bill. But the money saved on electricity quickly can be spent on service maintenance, acid, and chlorine.

Pools are made to keep themselves clean. When properly run, your skimmer and filter keep debris out, fostering algae growth. Also bear in mind that higher temperatures additionally cultivate algae growth. In warmer climates, temperatures routinely reach in the 90s, thereby residents must run their pump for longer periods of time to keep it blue.

But all pools are unique; therefore, we recommend that you run your pool pump for seven to eight hours every day in the summer season. If you have experienced unwanted algae or are attempting to get the pool from green, back to blue, we recommend that you run the pool for 24 hours a day until the condition of the pool gets better.

Using the incorrect pool filter with swimming pool dye

Swimming pool dye is an exciting way to get the proper look for your next swimming pool party. Dyes are completely safe for using in pools; however, they might affect the pool filter components. Be certain that you remove the grids or cartridge filter and put the diatomaceous earth filter on recirculation before adding any dye. Continue to normally run the pool, without the filter installed. After all of the dye clears, promptly replace the filter elements.

Inappropriate algaecide use

Algaecides, like Yellow Treat, are utilized to treat various kinds of algae present in swimming pool water. The majority of algaecides will greatly decrease your level of chlorine upon application. It is vital to counteract that effort by making sure that you have a high chlorine level in the pool before you apply the treatment.

Low chlorine levels along with the algaecide may turn a green swimming pool even greener! Follow all of the manufacturer’s directions and make sure to keep the pool pump on to permit the algaecide to reach all of the corners of the pool.

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