How Does Rubberized Surfacing Increase the Safety Around Your Pool?

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Rubber safety surfacing comes in an array of custom or pre-mixed colors which may be used to accentuate, complement, or bring together various spaces of your landscape. For instance, an alternative color strip around the pool deck may reproduce the appearance of a conventional coping stone, which will relieve the dangers related to a trip-hazard, hard edge. It also can … Read More

Common Swimming Pool Care Mistakes

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The sunshine is beating high as the sweat drips off of your frozen strawberry daiquiri and your cute new puppy jumps aboard your innertube. There are reasons why so many homeowners opt to have pools and the positives may vastly outweigh all negatives, if you correctly care for and maintain the pool. Below we list the most common mistakes that … Read More

How to Maintain the Deck Around the Pool

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Did you have any idea that a major aspect of a pool renovation is new decking?  In turn, part of your pool upkeep is to maintain the decking that surrounds it, yet, because it isn’t the main event, this measure often can be neglected, or forgotten. A pool deck which is not maintained properly, unfortunately, may lead to problems for … Read More

You Still Have Time to Install A New Pool Deck

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Part of planning for a new pool remodel or installation involves designing a functional, safe, and attractive deck. You’re certain to spend just as much time upon your deck as you do inside the water; therefore, it is vital to put careful consideration into its design. Pool decks are critical because they’ll be the basis for your whole outside experience … Read More

Should I Use Rubber Pavers on My Patio?

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Installing a backyard pool can dramatically alter the appearance of your backyard, but the materials you use around it matter too. When it comes to designing the patio area surrounding your pool, most homeowners quickly become stumped. What materials should you choose to give your backyard oasis both form and function? Concrete, wood, asphalt, and rubber are all valid contenders … Read More