Should I Use Rubber Pavers on My Patio?

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Installing a backyard pool can dramatically alter the appearance of your backyard, but the materials you use around it matter too. When it comes to designing the patio area surrounding your pool, most homeowners quickly become stumped. What materials should you choose to give your backyard oasis both form and function?

Concrete, wood, asphalt, and rubber are all valid contenders for your patio. However, most homeowners are much happier with rubber than they are with the other options. Let’s take a closer look at why rubber pavers tend to be the preferred choice for your pool patio.

Rubber pavers are cooler under the summer sun

Do you remember the burning pain of stepping onto hot concrete barefoot in the middle of the summer? You move from relaxed after a laidback afternoon splashing in the pool to tense from the sudden pain. With rubber pavers, you can eliminate the heat you feel on your feet when you leave the pool.

You can make your swimming area safer

Small children love to run and play, even when they happen to be close to the water’s edge. No matter how many times you chastise them, this pattern of play is likely to continue. A pool patio that is constructed of slippery tile can make for a disastrous outcome. Your children might slip and fall in the pool, which could be extremely dangerous if they can’t swim yet. However, they are equally likely to fall and hit their head on the ground or the edge of the pool. This is a dangerous situation that could be avoided entirely with the slip-resistant nature of rubber pavers.

Cracking will subside with rubber pavers

Most pool owners loathe the idea of their patio cracking and splitting after just a few seasons. Unfortunately, this could be the reality for a concrete patio that is sensitive to the extreme temperature changes. Rubber pavers don’t have this same sensitivity. They can expand and contract with seasonal fluctuations in temperature without cracking.

It will be easier than ever to clean your patio

Cleaning rubber pavers is surprisingly easy. You won’t need to spend hours scrubbing them clean or applying sealers to their surface. All you really need to do is pull out the pressure washer and get to work. This can get them so clean that they look like brand new pavers.

Design choices are unlimited

One of the biggest drawbacks to designing a pool patio is the limited number of choices available for the aesthetics of the area. Rubber pavers can come in almost any color, shape, and style. This gives you an endless supply of design choices that could help you to create the visual you have always dreamed about.

Better yet, rubber pavers could even save you money over the cost of concrete. Concrete could cost up to $15 per square foot depending on the style and finish, while the average price for rubber is roughly $4,500 per patio.

If you are ready to take the plunge and install rubber pavers around your pool, you need the rubber paving professional team at UV Pools to help. Contact us today to schedule your consultation to transform your pool space into the oasis you’ve been dreaming of.