How Does Rubberized Surfacing Increase the Safety Around Your Pool?

Dale KreviazukRubberized Coatings

Rubber safety surfacing comes in an array of custom or pre-mixed colors which may be used to accentuate, complement, or bring together various spaces of your landscape. For instance, an alternative color strip around the pool deck may reproduce the appearance of a conventional coping stone, which will relieve the dangers related to a trip-hazard, hard edge. It also can offer better grip while getting out of the swimming pool.

Earth tones also are popular and may be blended to imitate the appearance of natural sandstone, terracotta, pebble, or granite. The surfacing also can be custom blended to co-ordinate with a certain color scheme or match a current theme, while facility emblems and crests also can be installed into the surface as an extra enhancement.

Easy to repair and clean

In following a simplistic maintenance plan, rubber safety surfacing is simple to keep clean and in good condition. Just like interior carpet care the surfacing advantages from routine sweeping and occasional washing with a bristle broom and soap solution, pressure washer or especially made cleaning agent.

If a repair to any sub surface duct work or piping be needed, the space concerned is just cut out and brand-new rubber will be poured and hand-trowelled back into place to mix into the current surface.

Installation is easy and quick

One major advantage of selecting rubber safety surfacing over more conventional products is the quick in-and-out process of installation. It may be applied right over the top of a present heaved, worn, or cracked surface, or to any solid substrate. That means the average residential swimming pool deck would only require a single day to finish without the necessity for noisy jackhammers and costly debris removal systems.

As a matter of fact, debris removal is one common issue with most traditional surfacing materials. Whether it’s done in house or dealt with by a contractor, debris removal isn’t easy, cheap, or in most cases, eco-friendly. A contractor often will charge by the load and most landfills just accept demolition and construction waste by weight; with concrete weighing around 68 kilograms per cubic foot, the price quickly can add up.

With rubber safety surfacing, ugly blemishes or eroded spaces on a current surface are just chipped away or filled to level low areas and depressions before application.

The general benefit of a 1-day installation is a carpet-like, seamless finish which may be walked on within twenty-four hours. If installation takes more than a day, the prior day’s work may be cut back to an optically appropriate space to facilitate a neat and nearly invisible joint.

On the day of your installation, a workstation, in which the rubber granules are blended with the urethane binder, is set up within a space near the pool deck. As the deck surface is prepared, and primer coat applied, a workable amount of the granulated rubber mix is hand-trowelled and poured to a uniform thickness. Upon completion, the job site is cleaned, and workstation is removed, which leaves the client with a gorgeously restored swimming pool deck.

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