Fiberglass Pool Resurfacing: Pools Getting Ready For Summer

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Summer is just around the corner. Just count around three months after the freezing winter and you will feel the zesty sun touching your skin again. Before planning to hold your barbecue party on your backyard, have you checked if your pool is visitor-ready or you need to have a fiberglass pool resurfacing?

Fiberglass Pool Resurfacing: Pools Getting Ready For Summer

Changing climates can cause your swimming pools experience a wear and tear especially the fiberglass that damages quicker than most of the materials. Replacing a fiberglass pool can cost you a fortune too, hence, it’s becoming an option to just cover it with fiberglass gel or use tiles to still have that smooth finish.


If you have an old pool made out of fiberglass, you can have it resurfaced using the gel. The awesome fact about it is that it comes with different colors that can add touch and style. The normal choice is blue or dark blue since aside from being clean looking, it also adds up the feeling of “freshness” in just looking on it.

Some would prefer a ‘nature’ touch though by choosing moss green. But fiberglass pool resurfacing does not only give added style to the pools, it also serves as a general protection to last at least a decade. The good news is the materials are available on mostly your local hardware shops but if you don’t have any idea on how to do it, it will still be best to seek for an expert  in helping you out; we don’t want the materials be put to waste or end up wasting your time because you need to redo everything.


Before jumping in to remodeling or pool renovations, you need to do some preparation to guarantee that gels will stick and the whole process be effective. Have the whole floor and sides dried up by draining all the water and if it’s needed, use vacuum to suck all the puddles up. Sand the sides of the pool until it’s completely out of shine anymore. Do not forget to clean up all the leaves, twigs and ashes that can be present and finally, cover the lights and vents by taping it up.


After prepping up the pool, it’s time to prepare your fiberglass gel and get ready for resurfacing. The bucket that you will use should be 100 percent dust and moisture free as it will affect the quality of the finish product. Aside from the gel, add hardener and epoxy as well. It normally comes with a handy instruction that you need to follow: the ratio of the amount of each materials will depend on the size of the area you are covering.

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Finally, once you are done preparing the pool and the mix itself, it’s now time to start the resurfacing project. Best to use roller paint brush – it will make application of the gel more even. Just like painting walls, dip the roller brush on to the mix and apply it first to the wall until the entire area is covered. Make sure to apply thick and generous amount if you want a stronger protection. Cover the pool while waiting for the first coat to try up for at least two days then apply the second coat. Let it dry for a day the your pool is ready again for filling.


DYI projects like fiberglass pool resurfacing always give us self gratification especially when we successfully completed it. However, keep in mind that time and patience are required to achieve the result that we are aiming for. If we are not so sure about giving our full time attention to it, better seek for an expert’s assistance.