UVPool Tips: Choosing the Best Pool Cleaners

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We all love having a crystal clear swimming pool. It is very relaxing to watch that pristine scene you have in the backyard. You can confidently say, that you can swim in your pool without hesitation. However, your pool is just like your house. It needs a daily clean-up and a well-rounded maintenance. You need a pool cleaner, or if you have a bigger pool you might need a couple of pool cleaners.

choosing effective pool cleaners

What Are the Factors That You Should Consider First Before Buying Pool Cleaners?


Know what type of debris you have in your pool

If you have an outdoor swimming pool, it’s probably that you’re getting sand or stones debris, and dry leaves. These are the common problems most homeowners would experience.


If there are more sands than leaves in your pool you need a suction pool cleaners. You need something powerful for this. And, if you have more medium to large debris, you need to have pressure side pool cleaners


Consider the style of your pool

Pool sizes do vary when it comes to choosing effective pool cleaners. Always keep in mind that your above-ground pool cleaner may not be applicable as an inground pool cleaner. You’re only wasting your money if you think that pool cleaner is the same. There are pool cleaners too, which are great for small swimming pools but inefficient to bigger pools. Ask your technician if you have doubts about choosing the right pool cleaner.


Choosing what type of pool cleaner you will buy varies if you have low or high-pressure pumps

Some pool cleaners are designed to work best with low-pressure pumps. Some are effective with high-pressure pumps. Identify which pressure pump you have in your pool. You can also get the dual purpose cleaner, which can work best either on low-pressure or high-pressure pumps.


Are you willing to spend your money for a high-quality cleaner?

Think of your budget. What type of cleaner would fit your budget? A good research is quite important since there are several cleaners out there that will catch your attention. You might get the wrong one just because the machine offers a good price. Remember your size of the pool, if you’re using low or high-pressure pumps and the type of debris you gather every time you’re cleaning. That’s the time you will decide which brand is giving you the best machine.

offer cleaning and installing of pool equipment

How many hours are you willing to spend cleaning your pool?

Manual cleaning requires a lot of time from you. If you’re a busy person, this is not preferable. Although manual cleaning only costs you a small amount of money. But, if you have an automatic pool cleaner, your spending time will be cut in half, although you need to consider pre-installations and other mechanical requirements.


We suggest that you need to do a lot of research on choosing the perfect pool cleaners. You can also go the nearest Pool services that offer cleaning and installing of pool equipment. They can always give you better advice and better brands of pool cleaners.