How Often Should I Backwash My Pool

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What does backwashing a pool do? Backwashing is a crucial method in maintaining cleanliness and sanitation in a swimming pool.  Backwashing includes a comprehensive process in cleaning the filter of the swimming pool by changing the water’s flow to get rid of certain contaminants.

Backwashing does not require you to do the job manually.  The process is simple and practical as it won’t take you that long to clean the filter of your swimming pool.

How Often Should I Backwash My Pool

How to Backwash a Sand Pool Filter

One of the simple questions about backwashing that is easily addressed is how to backwash a sand pool filter.  Initially, the pool pump should be turned off then program the filter valve handle to its backwash position.  In doing this make sure that the handle is properly locked.

Power on the pump and backwash for at least 2 minutes and turn it off.  Position the filter valve handle to rinse then turn on the pump to rinse for a minute.  Turn off the pump and close down the skimmer valves to block water from passing the filter.

Make sure the filter skimmer basket and the hair catcher is empty.  Open again the skimmer valves then reset the filter valve to filter and power on the pump.

How Often Should I Backwash My Pool?

When asked “How often should I backwash my pool? ” religiously adhere to a rule of thumb that you should backwash your pool once a week. Note that the best time to backwash your pool is after you vacuum your swimming pool. After resolving your concern you will be confronted with another query that says “can you backwash too much?”

Keep in mind that your swimming pool may need frequent backwashing when necessary.  This goes true when your pool easily gathers leaves and other debris from trees and plants.  Other contaminants should also be watched out like from birds as the dirt left on your pool may require immediate backwashing.

When you carefully monitor your pool, you’ll be able to determine the frequency of backwashing its filter.  This way you can maintain cleanliness to ensure safety and health of your family who usually enjoys swimming.

When Not to Backwash My Pool?

Backwashing may not be as often as you think as there are pool conditions that will limit you to do so.  When your swimming pool contains a massive number of dirt and contaminants, it is suggested not to apply backwashing.  Situations like your pool is not covered and had collected dirt from floods and construction near your area usually result to an unlikely dirt.

Another instance that will allow you to avoid backwashing your pool is if your pool is prone to algae.  This is a serious problem that needs further assistance and vacuuming to waste the contaminants.  It is best if you ask advice from pool experts for sensitive pool conditions

How Often Should I Backwash My Pool at Home

Important Things to Remember

As noted, backwashing is a fast process that can result to waste of water.  That said, it is important that you monitor the quality and color of the pool water while backwashing.  Also, don’t backwash too much.

If you are unsure of backwashing your swimming pool the right way, consult an expert about this process.  It’s better to ask for insight to avoid complications in the future.