How To Open Above Ground Pool

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Are you looking for some easy tips for opening above ground pool?

Swimming on the spring and summer season can be so refreshing especially during the weekend after all of the week’s work.

For some people, they have preferred having an above ground pool over the inground type on their lawn because of its many advantages. First is that it is cheaper and easier to build than the inground pools. Second, above ground swimming pools are safer where children and pets cannot easily dive into it. Lastly and very importantly, it is easier to maintain.

That is why today, more new homeowners have resulted to building above ground swimming pools.
easy tips for opening above ground pool

Swimming On The Spring And Summer Season

It’s quite an exciting feeling being able to open your pool again and swim after a long cold season.

To freshen up our warm bodies, swimming pools are a great treat especially when we are tired from a whole week’s work.

However, as much as we are ready for a summer swim, our pool may not yet be.

For a proper pool care and maintenance, follow these easy tips for opening above ground pool to guide you on the proper instructions for a fun and clean swim after a long time of no sun season:

Steps On How To Open Above Ground Pools

  1. Remove the winter pool cover

The very first thing that you need to do is to remove the pool liners and cover that you’ve used to protect your pool during the winter.

  1. Remove the return plug

Check around your pool and remove the winter plugs that you have installed. Don’t forget to remove as well the skimmer bucket and the return jet. If you have an ice compensator, be sure to remove it, too. Then, reinstall the eyeball fittings and skimmer baskets into the return line.

  1. Fill the swimming pool

The water in your pool could be half drained. Fill it until it’s halfway of your skimmer.

  1. Setup your pump and filter

Make sure that the pieces and supplies of your pump and filtering system are clean or you may replace them with new ones. Then connect a hose from your skimmer to the pump. Attach another one to the filter from your pump. Lastly, connect a hose from the filter to other filtering equipment such as chlorinator, heater, and others, or directly to the inlet.

  1. Start filtering your water

Next step is to filter your pool by starting up your pump and filter.

  1. Add balancing chemicals

Add a just enough balancing chemical to balance the alkalinity of your water.

  1. Vacuum the pool

The very last in the steps on how to open above ground pools is to keep it running for about 24 hours to remove the debris.

steps on how to open above ground pools

Easy Tips For Opening Above Ground Pool

After that, your swimming is then ready for its service of freshening you and your family up.

Follow these easy to do steps on how to open above ground pools and have a great time with your family swimming on the spring and summer season.