Know the Different Types of Pool Covers

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As the winter season is approaching so is the need to install a swimming pool cover. Even in typical weather, you can choose to have a pool cover to limit in-ground maintenance, especially when the swimming pool is not in use. You also want to spare your children from accidents and keep debris from accumulating in your pool.

Learning the different types of pool covers is a primary task when you are planning to have a pool in your house. If you have one and are unsure of what pool cover makes a perfect choice for your swimming pool, the following information will guide you.

Know the Different Types of Pool Covers

The 3 Different Types of Pool Covers

Solar Pool Covers

Solar pool covers, also known as bubble covers, make the most affordable pool cover option. Made of light and durable materials, light quickly passes through the air bubbles that it contains for heating. Installation is simple with the aid of scissors.

The exceptional aspect of a solar pool cover is its ability to increase the temperature of the pool water. By converting the pool into a solar heater, the pool water’s temperature can be raised up to eight degrees. With solar pool covers, your swimming season can be prolonged which means more fun under the sun.

Automatic Pool Covers

Automatic pool covers are very easy to use and guarantee maximum safety. They are easy to operate thanks to the push button that automatically opens and closes the pool cover. Also, an automatic pool cover can be locked to prevent children from using it.

The special feature of automatic pool covers is they can be customized to match your swimming pool’s measurements. Note that this pool cover can be costly, and its installation must be done by a professional to ensure accuracy and efficiency. With automatic pool covers, you’ll have peace of mind that your young ones will be spared from unmonitored playing in the pool.

Winter Pool Covers

Winter pool covers are the most popular choice among other types of pool covers, thanks to its smooth installation and reasonable price tag. The cover is made of rugged or tarp-like materials that ensure good condition of your swimming pool during cold climates. Also, winter pool covers are designed to prevent leaves and algae from entering the water.

Note that this type of pool cover is lightweight; hence replacement is necessary as often as needed. Also, since it is easy to install and remove, accidental pool entry of your pets and kids are likely to happen. It’s better to monitor your children and pets for possible accidents.

The 3 Different Types of Pool Covers You Need to Know

Relevance of Swimming Pool Covers

Swimming pool covers are designed for a variety of needs for your swimming pool and based on the preferences of the swimming pool owners. This equipment is essential in reducing chemical consumption of the pool water that can cause skin irritation and asthma. Another significant advantage of pool covers is its ability to keep the pool water warm.

Maintaining a clean swimming pool is one of the fundamental functions of the cover for your pool. You get the best deal for your money and time when you install a pool cover.