Fall Is Here, Time to Close Your Pool

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We’re oftentimes asked when the best time is to close a pool for a season.  There are various factors which dictate when you ought to close the pool, from water temperature to the quantity of debris which could get inside the pool.  The industry standard includes “opening your pool early and closing the pool late”.  While that is the standard, it’ll hold a ton of merit.

It’s better to close the pool as the water temperature is consistently below 60°.  As the temperature of the water dips below 60°, algae and microorganisms can’t grow and become dormant for the winter months.  Reducing the likelihood of algae growth assists with the overall chemistry of the pool water and leads to fewer problems in the springtime as you open your pool.

For instance, if you close the pool in August and the weather remains consistently in the seventies and eighties until October, you’ll have a green swimming pool in the spring.  Opening up a green pool will require more chemicals to correct which is going to cost you money and time.  It’s suggested to close the pool according to weather patterns as fall like weather symptoms arise.  The majority of our clients shut their pool between the midst of September and the first week of November/ end of October.

As for when to shut a pool, that is partially a personal preference. Below are some things you should consider.

Weather conditions in your area

If the weather is still great, and you actively are using your pool, there isn’t any reason you cannot keep loving it into the fall months as the temperature of the water still is warm and simple to maintain.

Are you using it?

After Labor Day, you will likely notice that you and your loved ones simply are not using the swimming pool as much anymore. Maybe it is because the children are back at school. Or perhaps the daytime temperatures just have not seemed warm enough. Either way, it’s likely an excellent time to begin to get the pool prepared for winter.


Even if you do not have mature trees right on your property, you are likely already working harder to extract leaves from your swimming pool during this time of year. For those of you who have a lot of trees, you know how rapidly the leaf build-up may become a migraine. Closing the pool in early autumn assists in eliminating that hassle and will make it simpler to cover your pool before the leaves start falling.

Freezing temperatures

Frigid temperatures are a critical threat in a couple of ways: 1) Freezing water may do severe damage to components in the pool if you have not correctly closed your pool.2) Nobody enjoys closing a swimming pool when it is freezing outside! October and September are an excellent time to close your pool because the weather is perfect.

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