Beginners Guide to Pool Vacuum Hose

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It is so good to own a swimming pool at home. You can relax through swimming whenever you want to. But, would it still be relaxing to swim in dirty water? It is not, right?

With that, there is a vacuum swimming pool to give you a clear and a clean water. You do not only need the right vacuum for your pool, but you also need to have the exact parts and accessories for it. And, one of the parts is the vacuum hose.

Thus, I’m going to provide a basic guide about vacuum hose.

 Beginners Guide to Pool Vacuum Hose

How to Get the Right Hose for Your Pool?

Choosing the right hose depends on the type of vacuum you have. And, the vacuum you need depends on the kind of dirt or objects in your pool. You would also need to identify what type of pool you have; is it an inground or above ground pool?

Initially, these are the top 3 vacuum hoses that you may have.

1. Poolmaster 33435 Classic Collection

This vacuum hose is well-matched to all vacuums for a pool. It cannot be easily damaged by the heat of the sun, because of its anti-chemical and anti-UV capacity.

2. Think Crucial 33430

An easy to mount and light equipment. This vacuum hose is suitable for those who don’t want to carry heavy materials from pool to the tool storage room.

3. Robelle 740

It can easily be controlled and moved to clean hard to reach parts of the pool.

How to Attach Vacuum Hose?

Connecting the hose to the vacuum head is very easy. You just need to attach one end of the hose to the vacuum head.

Moreover, there are other parts of the vacuum pool cleaner that you need to prepare to start cleaning the pool. These are the vacuum head, telescopic pole and skim vacuum.

Properly Store the Hose

Some of the vacuum pool owners would just throw the hose near the pool without properly coiling it. This would affect its value, thus after using the vacuum hose, it is necessary to properly pile it to the storage for it to last longer.

Hoses are also stored differently, depending on the weather and its type. For example, during winter the hose will be stored for a long time so it’s just right to correctly drain all the water in it. A sectioned hose should not also be coiled because some parts might get damage.

It is recommended to disconnect each section if you’re going to store them for a long time.

Remember to always check the manual on how to use and take care of it.

 What Is the Best Hose to Buy for Your Vacuum Pool

Where to Get One?

You can buy hose at the local store in your place or even ordered on an online store. But, If you are not yet sure of what cleaner to use for your pool, ask advice from the pool experts. They don’t just offer old pool restoration or repair but also help with how to properly handle the cleaning of your swimming pool.