How Do Pool Pump Motors Work?

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Determining which motor pump works best in your kind of pool is necessary. So the right pump functions correctly, you need to consider some factors to guarantee to get their maximum functionalities.

The pump basically powers the impeller which makes the water move through it. It converts electrical to mechanical energy. The pump is located at a dry end portion of the pool continually doing its job.

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What are Pool Pump Motors?

Pool pump motors are always located in an area near the water. Following their functions, the pump needs to be able to be protected against water. Thus, pool pump motors are drip-proof.

These motors are open so that it is adequately ventilated. However, the ventilation design is sophisticated so that the motor is not directly exposed to water nor can it be reached during water splashes.

Pump motors of various manufacturers have different specifications and approaches in incorporating this design. The ventilation must always be present, though, for it not only protects the motor from water but the ventilation is also essential for its functions.

Difference Between Single and Dual Speed

The difference between single speed and dual speed motors is necessary because they directly affect the functioning of the pool. These refer to the rate of circulation of water on the pool when the motor is running.

A single speed motor is a type of a pump motor which runs at uniform speed. No matter the size of the pool, this kind of motor has non-adjustable speed thus you need to determine whether this is the kind you need for the pool you have.

The dual speed motor, on the other hand, has a low and high setting. The low works best for the circulation of the pool water. High works best when vacuuming the bottom of the pool or taking advantage of some of the water features.

Because you cannot manipulate the speed of these motors, they use less energy than those that you can. Aside from saving bills on electricity, the life of the motors is also prolonged.

Pool Pump Motors Upgrade

The dual speed motor is more efficient than the single speed motor. Furthermore, it consumes less energy. This begs the question, should you upgrade from single speed to dual speed motor?

It is possible, but you need to consider some factors. Since motors and pumps need to be matched, you need to assure the new motor is running on a horsepower equal to or greater than the other motor.

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Comparing Full-Rated and Up-Rated Pump Motors

The consumers believe the higher the horsepower the motor is running on, the more efficient it is. This is not only misleading but false.

Manufacturers began putting labels on motors whether they are full-rated or up-rated. The up-rated motors are plastered with a clear label stating that it has a high horsepower rating but a low rating for service factor. Also, despite the higher horsepower rating of motors, it does not mean a relatively higher output.