Three Pool Test Kits You Should Consider Buying

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If you want your pool-testing efficient and reliable, get the three types of pool test kits; the DPD (diethyl-p-phenylenediamine), OTO (orthotolidine) and the test strips. Each pool test kit will provide you a result for a specific type of elements. For instance, OTO will test the level of chlorine in your water, and so on.

The quality of your pool water is essential. Buying pool test kits are automatically implemented if you want your family to experience a better quality of water. And, perhaps, you might need to use the kit that most health inspectors use. Avoid buying cheap strips that are unreliable in giving accurate chemical results.

What should be the best pool test kit?

You have a choice on which pool tester to buy. However, there are so many elements found in your pool water that a single test strip or single chemical pool tester won’t identify. It means you need to get the whole kit with different chemicals or instruments included. So, what should be inside the kit that you need to have when you buy one?

types of pool test kits

A pH Tester

You can see pH tester in every pool test kit; this is because it is crucial to identify the alkalinity of your pool water. You don’t want to end up swimming in water that is too acidic, right?

The standard scale of pH is from 0 to 14, 7 being the neutral scale. If your water is below pH7, this means, you have an acidic pool. And, if you have higher pH, like 7.7 to 8.5 this means your chlorine sanitation capability is weak. If the pH level should rise to 9, that’s the time you need to change your water, because the chlorine that’s responsible for cleaning your water is no longer effective.

Alkalinity Test

Apart from the pH level tester, your kit should also have an alkalinity tester. This tool will help you measure the capability of the water to resist change.

Chlorine Test

A chlorine test is another tool you must have in your kit. Together with a pH tester, you can detect the quality of your water. The lesser amount of chlorine you have, the poorer it is to destroy bacteria in your water. You need to get one of these to identify if you’re still swimming in clean water.

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Common Pool Test Kit Found in the Market

Taylor Technologies’ complete pool test kit is a must-have kit for pool owners. Is contains FAS (ferrous ammonium sulfate)-DPD which allows pool owners to measure chlorine levels. It’s a recommended product since it is more accurate than pool test strips.

LaMotte colorQ Pro 7 is a high-grade pool test kit. It uses a digital instrument to give accurate pH levels, alkaline levels, and chlorine levels.

2 in 1 Pentair is a tool which tests both chlorine and pH levels. The compact tool is enough to test the quality of your water. Its compact design gives you convenience about storing dozens of bottles.

Check the quality of your pool water regularly to ensure the safety of you, and your family. At UVPools, we can provide that service to you. We have experienced staff and the right equipment to clean your pool.