Swimming Etiquette 101

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Etiquette is important wherever you go; upscales restaurants, driving around, the maximum of 12 items express checkout at the grocery store, you always need good etiquette so the people around you won’t be tapping their foot and sighing about how impolite you are. The pool is no exception to this rule, except that it’s a bit harder to tap your foot when all of the surfaces are underwater. You can use these rules of etiquette when you’re at someone else’s pool, or enforce them in your own pool; either way, follow these and you’ll be a perfect pool prefect.

The first rule, you should know: don’t pee in the pool, get out and use the restroom. You don’t want to swim in other people’s pee, they don’t want to swim in yours, toilets were invented for a reason. You should probably also avoid the pool if you’re having bad bowel movements; this is common sense, people!

There are other people at the pool; don’t run into them, don’t cannonball into them, don’t dive into them; try to enter the pool with as little contact with other individuals as possible. You want to keep yourself and them safe, so be cautious!

Cut your nails; your toenails, your fingernails, your hangnails; whatever kind of nails you have, trim them so you won’t gash other swimmers. Getting cut by anything is unpleasant, getting cut by someone’s nails is particularly nasty, and getting cut by their nails in a pool so the blood gets in the water and the water gets in your blood is just no fun at all. You should probably cut the Nine Inch Nails, too, unless you’re having an industrial themed late night pool party which – okay, that could be cool.

Do you love extreme BMXing? Are you really bad at it? If the answer to both of those questions is yes, you’re probably covered in sores and wounds! That’s okay, you’ll get better with time, but if you’re swimming with a large group of people in a small pool while you’re covered in bandages you may want to consider that the folks around you might be uncomfortable.

Shower before getting into the pool; yours or somebody else’s. The pool is not for cleaning yourself; you wouldn’t want to bathe in someone else’s bathwater, because that’s where all the germs and microbes are hanging out. There’s a large number of adults who don’t believe you need to shower before getting into the pool; that’s a great way to spread cryptosporidium and other fun infections, so shower!

This etiquette is extremely important to keep in mind, no matter where you swim; the best inground pool company, or above-ground pool company, all the best pool companies around town would agree. At least keep rule 1 in mind, please! That’s something pool sharks would agree with, and they don’t even necessarily spend a lot of time in pools! Though with advances in pool toys, you can probably play billiards while swimming, riding on an inflatable predator; pool sharks on pool sharks playing pool in pools.