Winnipeg Pool Repair Company Installs Record Number Of Pool Safety Covers

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WINNIPEG, MB: UV Pools, a leading pool repair and renovation company in Winnipeg, is announcing that in 2022, its pool crews have installed more safety covers than they ever have in previous years.

Pool safety covers have a variety of uses for homeowners. The first is to prevent children, pets, and others from falling into the pool. Safety covers can be walked on, eliminating the risk of someone slipping or falling into the pool when it’s unsupervised. Pool covers keep the area secure while homeowners are away or on vacation. 

Safety covers are also used to winterize pools. Winters in Winnipeg are notoriously harsh. Homeowners can use safety covers to protect their pools during the coldest months and prevent winter damage. 

Lastly, pool safety covers make pool openings easier. They reduce maintenance throughout the year by preventing leaves and debris from falling into the pool. 

The ideal time to install a safety cover is before the snow falls, which leaves adequate time to winterize the pool. 

There is no maintenance required for pool safety covers. A pool safety cover lasts an average of 10-15 years. Installing a pool safety cover could make a homeowner eligible for an insurance discount because it lowers the risk of a claim. 

 “We’ve installed more safety covers this year than we ever have before,” said Dale Kreviazuk, the owner of UV Pools. “We currently carry five colours of safety covers, including black, blue, and grey.”

UV Pools provides safety covers made of precision-engineered, heavy, dense wave mesh. Every pool safety cover is custom manufactured to the dimensions of each pool. The material is resistant to fading from sunlight and has a large load-bearing capacity. The brass pop-up anchors are installed flush with the concrete of the pool to prevent tripping. 

UV Pools provides pool covers, renovations, equipment, pool deck resurfacing, saunas, and pool liners. The company offers its services to pool owners across Winnipeg. For more information about the company and the services it provides, visit