Why Should I Choose a Rubber Surface for My Pool Deck?

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Designing the perfect pool oasis consists of more than just your pool itself. Homeowners have to think about the entire experience that they are creating for their family and their guests. You may be enticed by those clear blue waters, but you first have to walk over the decking option you select. There are plenty of choices out there ranging from wood to brick to concrete. How can you possibly decide which one is right for your pool space?

Many of our clients prefer a rubber surface around their pool deck because of the benefits it offers for them and their children. Rubber decking puts their minds at ease, knowing that it is both safe and durable for their family. If you are on the fence about whether a rubber surface could be right for your pool decking, you will want to take a look at a few of its many inherent benefits.

Slip Resistant

No matter how many times you tell your children not to run around the pool, they inevitably will. Some decking options get slippery when wet, but rubber decking is different. It features a non-skid surface that will help to prevent injury for your children even when it’s wet. This means that you can sit back and take it easy without having to worry about the safety of the people around your pool.

Heat Resistant

Have you ever burnt your feet on concrete that was in the sun too long? You know that this can be a painful experience, but it is unavoidable with certain types of pool decking. Walking from your lounge chair to the steps could prove to be too hot for tender soles. Rubber decking is impervious to the heat and can help to keep your feet cool during hot summer days.


One of the best features of rubber decking is that it can stretch and expand to accommodate changes in the substrate. It can be applied over almost any type of solid material including concrete, stone, wood, or even aluminum. Over time, these substrates can crack or chip as the earth shifts beneath them. The rubber is resilient enough to maintain its shape and integrity if and when this occurs. It can even expand and contract with temperature changes.

Easy to Clean

Nobody wants to spend all of their spare time trying to maintain their pool area when they should be enjoying the water. Fortunately, rubber decking is stain resistant and cleans up easily with normal soap and water. You can simply spray it down with the garden hose and a little soapy water to make sure that it’s clean enough for the week. This is a great option for someone who didn’t want to the hassle of pressure washing their wooden decking each week.

Rubber pool decking has a lot to offer to homeowners who want a long-lasting deck with plenty of safety benefits. When you’re ready to move forward on having your Rubaroc installed by a professional team, give UV Pools a call!