Why a Canadian Cedar Sauna Beats Any Other Type

Angela WestBlog, Saunas

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as time spent in a sauna, letting you relieve stress and forget about the world. Whether you’re after the physiological effects of saunas, gathering with your loved ones, or you’re just looking for a calming getaway, saunas are the perfect way to treat yourself. When it comes to saunas, quality is of the utmost importance – the type of sauna you choose to buy can make or break your entire experience. To realize the many potential benefits, you need a Canadian cedar sauna.

Why cedar saunas have reigned supreme for thousands of years

Traditional cedar saunas go back thousands of years, having reigned supreme ever since their creation. Why have cedar saunas remained so popular over the years? The fact of the matter is that alternative saunas have come close, but simply haven’t been able to overtake the look, feel, and amazing smell. 

Cedar saunas have stood the test of time over the years, changing very little with the exception of mechanical improvements which allow cedar saunas to heat up more efficiently. They are designed in a wide variety of models and sizes so you can accommodate all your loved ones, friends, and neighbours in a style that’ll wow the neighbourhood.

Cedar saunas vs infrared saunas: guess which one wins? 

Infrared saunas typically use electric heaters which allow users to control the level of temperature, or wood burning heaters. Cedar sauna heaters allow you to pour water over exposed hot rocks on the heater, creating steam which quickly heats the interior and creates that classic cozy experience. Solid cedar construction ensures that the heat created stays exactly where it should be, and vents typically help with heat dispersion.

Unlike traditional saunas, infrared saunas use light waves to create heat within the sauna which will raise your body’s temperature. While you’re able to see and perceive the steam emitting from a cedar sauna heater, the heat produced by infrared saunas can only be felt as it penetrates your tissues and raises your body temperature. Infrared saunas reach their maximum temperature level within minutes of activation, but are incapable of reaching the higher temperature levels produced by cedar saunas.

While they take slightly longer to heat up than infrared saunas, cedar saunas are able to get much hotter, using steam to offer a much more traditional vibe that has been favoured for thousands of years. The enveloping heat created by the steam emitted from pouring water over hot rocks is a much more cerebral way to get the benefits of saunas, and is a great way to create long lasting memories with your loved ones.

There are few things quite like relaxing with your loved ones, reaching over to your bucket and pouring water on the hot rocks to let the steam fly. Cedar saunas are typically built to accommodate multiple bathers comfortably, whereas infrared saunas are built smaller and comfortably accommodate only a couple of people.

Canadian cedar saunas offer unparalleled quality and craftsmanship 

If you’re looking for the absolute best sauna possible, look no further than Canadian cedar saunas. Canadian-made cedar saunas are built to last, featuring the highest quality cedar wood materials, thick insulating walls, and unique but practical designs that maximize space so you and all your loved ones can enjoy the sauna. Canadian cedar saunas come in many shapes and sizes, making them the perfect option for properties of any size.

UV Pools is a proud supplier of Dundalk Leisurecraft cedar saunas, built from high quality Canadian materials sourced directly from sustainable and eco-friendly mills. Dundalk Leisurecraft saunas are available in a variety of unique models, including the classic cedar barrel sauna, the aesthetically pleasing kota sauna and eagles nest sauna, and the panoramic view sauna, allowing you to get the absolute most out of your surroundings. Each cedar sauna can be fully upgraded with features like windows, benches, solar lights, and even front porches to help you create the Canadian cedar sauna of your dreams.

As an official dealer of Dundalk Leisurecraft cedar saunas, the team at UV Pools has supplied and installed these gorgeous saunas to homeowners in and around Winnipeg. To view our full selection of Dundalk Leisurecraft Canadian-made saunas, contact UV Pools today for a free quote.