When Do You Know It’s Time to Get A Pool Renovation?

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There isn’t anything you love more than swimming in your pool all summer; however, admit it – it is looking a bit rough this year. Is it time for a pool renovation? Read on about these 5 signs your pool may need a bit of restoration:


Fading Colors and Patterns on the Vinyl Liner


Is the color on the vinyl pool liner losing its shine? Does it look like it’s shrinking at its corners? A vinyl pool liner is made to last from 10 to 15 years, although there are factors which may shorten its lifespan, which includes:


  • Extended pool chemical exposure
  • Sanitary condition of the pool’s water
  • Excess exposure to the ultraviolet radiation of the sun


If you see problems, which includes staining, tearing, leaking, or wrinkling – call UV Pools to replace or repair the liner before problems grow worse and lead to expensive long-range damage.


Visible Deteriorations around the Pool


Finding noticeable indications of decay is one of the simplest ways to tell if the pool needs to be renovated.


Keep a close eye out for symptoms of issues, which include:


  • Noticeable leaks
  • Appearance of rust
  • Stained, discolored spots
  • Blistering or cracked surfaces


The earlier you see an issue, the easier it’s going to be to repair. If small flaws are left untreated, they may lead to substantial harm to your pool in the future.


Inefficient, Old Pool Equipment


In recent times, pool equipment significantly has improved – and became more cost effective, energy efficient, and delivered better performance.


These advancements involve:


  • Computer-controlled automated cleaners will make maintenance much easier.
  • Technological innovations will mean it is possible to use fewer chemicals by using salt generators to generate their own chlorine.
  • Electrical elements use less energy.


Safety Hazards and Concerns


Some hazards to keep a close eye out for may involve:


  • Nonexistent or broken covers upon any areas in which pool equipment causes suction.
  • Flaws upon finishes such as loose tiles.
  • Faulty electrical lighting or design.


For a full evaluation of the safety of your pool, work with highly qualified pool service pros who are able to completely inspect for hazards that surround the pool and assist you in fixing them before somebody gets injured.


Outdated Backyard Landscaping


It is vital that you keep in mind that the pool does not stand alone. It is, instead, a piece of the bigger puzzle that’s your backyard. If you are going to spruce up one part, you may want to look at freshening up the other ones – which includes the landscaping in your backyard.


Give consideration to adding dynamic features such as:


  • Flowers, shrubs, trees, and additional plants
  • Attractive decking
  • Water features


A skilled pool service company will have the ability to remodel the pool and connect you with area landscaping partners who can undertake some of the extra work around your lawn and give you the pool and the backyard of your dreams.


For more information on getting a pool renovation contact the leading pools renovation company, UV Pools today!