What Chemicals Are Used in Swimming Pools?

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Pool maintenance can be very difficult, especially for new pool owners. There are a lot different things that go into maintaining a safe and healthy pool and figuring out what chemicals are used in swimming pools is one of the toughest to grasp at first.

In order to make sure that the water and the chemicals in the pool are safe for swimming in, you will need a test kit to check the chemical levels in that water. Today, we will go over the basics of pool maintenance when it comes to the chemicals used to keep your water healthy!

Pool Maintenance for Beginners

Pool Maintenance for Beginners

The first and most important step is chlorine. This chemical is used to keep the water clean and safe from bacteria. A lot of people will simply use chlorine tablets to keep their chemicals in check.

Cyanuric acid is another chemical used to maintain the proper chemistry of the water. This helps maintain the chlorine levels but can mess with the stability as well. Some people will use calcium or sodium hypochlorite as an alternative to cyanuric acid.

You will also need to use other types of products such as shock to treat your swimming pool. Most people shock their swimming pool every week to decrease the build-up of nitrogen and ammonia in their pools.

The next day you will want to use Algaecides. This helps reduce the chance of algae from growing in your swimming pool. Now, with all the different chemicals in the pool, you will want to make sure that the pH balance is maintained and your swimming water does not become too basic or too acidic.

7.2 is the best level to keep your pH, however, if you are a few points off, there is nothing to be concerned about. You will want to test the balance of chemicals in the swimming pool once to twice a week to make sure that you maintain the chemistry of the pool.

How to Put Chemicals in Pool for First Time

You typically want to add your chemicals to your swimming pool when the circulation is running. This will help prevent a build-up of chemicals in your pool and will also help circulate the chemicals fully around the pool. If the chemicals are unable to circulate properly, common enough, the levels of your chemicals will be off.

Some specific chemicals and chemical brands will advise otherwise for one reason or another. So it is always crucial that you follow whatever guide lines may be on the box to ensure your safety and the safety of your pool.

You will also want to make sure that you always add them away from your skimmer to make sure that they mix with the water before entering the skimmer. Another great tip is to use a chlorine floater that will slowly add chlorine to the pool. This will help keep the swimming pool sanitizing the water all summer long with no harmful effects.

Your Swimming Pool

Chemicals Used in Swimming Pools

When it comes to what chemicals are used in swimming pools we hope that this beginners guide has helped with some questions or concerns that you may have had. For more information and additional help with your swimming pool, contact us at UV Pools today.