The Best Time of Day To Take A Swim

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Good morning, good evening or good night! You’ve got a pool in your backyard, and you’ve decided to take the plunge, both metaphorically and literally, into improving your fitness through swimming. Congratulations to you; swimming is an excellent way to get fit. You want to build a schedule, so that you’ll be able to kick yourself if you don’t adhere to it (or better yet, have loved ones who remind you of your fitness schedule); to help make your schedule, let’s look at the pros and cons of taking a swim at various points of the day!



-If you’re an early-to-bed, early-to-rise morning person, a swim when you get up will leave you feeling energized for the rest of the day!

-You can swim while the sun is rising, and that’s guaranteed to look amazing.


-When you’re in a rush, you might neglect to do your swimming, which is no good if you’re trying to develop a routine.

-You might find that you’re quite stiff in the morning; you’ll need to warm up and stretch out those limbs before you swim, or you might get a cramp.



-You’ve just worked really hard, you’re on your lunch break, and you can hit the water to work out and relax. Post workout, you may feel more energized, and swimming can help you build up an appetite. Nice!

-It’s usually getting hot by this time of day, so a swim can help you beat the summer heat.


-You might not have a ton of time to go for a swim; your lunch break is usually going to be devoted to eating and not much else. Only swim at this time if you’re sure you can fit it into your schedule!

-Traveling from work to a pool can be a pain, so this strategy is best if you work from home, or you have an in-office pool (and I sure hope you do!)



-The peace and quiet of the evening can help you relax and focus on your workout.

-Your muscle temperature is at its peak in the evening, which means you’ll put more into your workout.

-The day is over, so after your swim it’s all relaxation from here!

-Swimming at night is cool.


-You just worked all day so you might decide to blow off your evening exercise.

-You might find it hard to fall asleep when you’re jacked up from all that swimming.

-Swimming at night is more dangerous because it’s dark. Always swim with a buddy if you can!

You can swim at any time of day; remember that swimming at some point is better than not swimming at all, so don’t get so hung up on the details that you neglect to do the deed. All that swimming is probably going to cause some wear and tear to your pool over time, but don’t let that stop you; just call the leading pools renovation company and we’ll fix up any problems as well as modify your pool so it works perfectly for you, whenever you decide to take the plunge!