The Benefits of Swimming

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There’s nothing like a pool party in the summertime; having friends and family over to bask in the rays of the hot sun while cooling off in clear water is paradise. There’s no doubt that swimming is a fun way of spending a summer’s eve; what’s fun is sometimes the opposite of what’s good for us, but that’s not the case with a good swim. There’s many health benefits to taking a dip that you might not be aware of!

Swimming is Both Strength and Cardio

Choosing between strength and cardio can be tough when you’re planning a workout routine; sometimes, you just don’t feel like running on a treadmill for twenty minutes and then pumping iron. Get a pool for your backyard, and you won’t have to pick; swimming is a full body workout, and the resistance from the water will strengthen your muscles and your cardiovascular system!

Swimming Lowers Stress

A study by Speedo has found that taking a swim lowers your stress levels. There are many reasons why this might be, and exercise does form a part of it. A more subtle part involves how being in the water calms our mind; the freedom that comes with floating allows us to focus on the present and the sensations in our bodies, cultivating mindfulness.

Anyone Can Swim

Young and old, healthy and injured; almost anyone can swim. Aquatherapy is commonly used to help recovery from injuries, because it’s easier to move around in the water than on the ground. The youngest among us can learn to swim, and floatation devices can be used to ensure security; be sure to have someone monitoring the pool at all times, and enjoy your multigenerational gatherings!

Swimming Opens Up New Experiences

When you know how to swim, you won’t be reluctant to go snorkeling on your next tropical adventure; you may even be able to try out your equipment in your pool at home! There are many experiences you can only have if you’re a practised swimmer, and a home pool is a great way of getting the experience.

Swimming is Fun!

Swimming is a great way of getting friends and family together for a party in the summer; it’s also a relaxing way to unwind after a long day. You can swim with toys, floatation devices, eye goggles; the experience is all yours, and you can tailor it how you like. Swimming is fun, which means you’re more likely to do it on a regular basis; that’s great for those of us who might be reluctant to workout otherwise!

The advantages of swimming go on and on; that’s why it’s a great idea to have a pool at home. The upkeep of at home pools is very important, especially if you’re swimming daily. A leading pool renovations company will be able to adjust your pool to better suit your needs, as well as help with upkeep and repair to keep it in tip-top shape. Stay happy and healthy this summer, and enjoy your pool!