Summerizing Your Swimming Pool

Dale KreviazukBlog

The cost to summerize your swimming pool can range from $200 to $350 in Winnipeg depending on what is included. You can save the service fee if you choose to do it yourself. Here is how.

1. Remove winter cover: Sounds easier than it is but with a few simple pointers it can be done in a clean fashion. Start by draining the water bags and rolling them up. Then pump off the top of your cover and at the same time add fresh water underneath. This is done so that the water level inside the pool stays constant. Most of the time there are leaves on top of the cover that have to be removed before the cover can be removed. This is done by scooping them off, pumping the water off and then tightening the cover. Repeat until all the leaves are removed. The cover can then be removed. Wash the cover before it is put away.

2. Remove threaded or rubber expansion plugs from your skimmer and jets, then remove the foam rope. Install the directional balls in the jets and basket in the skimmer. If your pool is equipped with a underwater light, now is the time to install it before the water level is too high.

3. After the pool has been filled up to the operating level the pool equipment can be started. This is done only after the winterizing plugs in the pump (usually 2) and the plug in the filter and heater have been installed. The heater pressure switch line can be re-attached as well. Make sure all the ball valves are open and the hoses are installed before firing up the pump. Also check that the lines are clear and that the foam rope has been removed.

To prime the pump, fill the pump basket up, put on the lid and start up the pump. It can take a few tries, especially if the lines are dry. This is also a good time to check the pump, filter, heater for leaks. Also make sure your filter handle is switched to filter and not winterize or drain.

5. When your pool is up and running that is a good time to balance the chemicals and vacuum your pool. For pool balancing chemistry click here.