Six Surprising Foods You Can BBQ

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You may have mastered making the best burger out there on your backyard grill, or be known for your world-beating ribs or wings, but if you’ve ready to mix things up, there are plenty of other foods you can throw on the BBQ. Here are six surprising foods you can BBQ, and how to get them tasting perfect.


Turn your backyard BBQ into a gourmet extravaganza by throwing some perfectly seasoned oysters onto your grill. Try seasoning them with a chipotle vinaigrette, or spicy tarragon butter, then sit back and wait for the compliments to roll in.


This is such a super easy way to make an appetizer that will disappear into your party guest’s bellies very soon after you pull it out of the grill. Fill an aluminum grill pan with all your favourite nacho requirements, cover with foil, then grill for 8-10 minutes or until cheese has melted. Here’s an easy to follow Betty Crocker recipe, and here’s a more sophisticated one from the Food Network.


There are a number of fun ways to cook avocados on the grill. You can stuff them with something delicious, like shrimp or a spicy cheese mix, or you can grill them up to make a deliciously smoky guacamole that will impress everyone that tastes it (grilling them brings a beautiful smokiness that totally elevates a nice creamy guac, check out this tasty recipe).

Romaine Lettuce

And now for something completely different…. Slice Romaine hearts in half lengthwise, drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and pepper before grilling for 3 minutes on each side. This makes for a tasty side-dish, and is a definite conversation starter.


Grilling slices of watermelon and sprinkling with a little salt adds a smoky sweetness that is just delicious. Grilled watermelon also makes a delicious addition to salads.


A homemade pizza on the grill tastes amazing, and is surprisingly easy to do (the secret is a very hot and clean grill-plate to avoid creating a sticky mess). Check out this excellent instructional video from Weber for tips.

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