How to Find a Leak in Your Pool Liner

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A leak in your pool liner can have serious effects and if left untended, it can also cost you. There are a few telling signs that your pool may have a leak. These signs include creases or wrinkles in your liner, as well as lumps or bumps underneath your liner.

The Bucket Test. Determining If Your Pool Is Loosing Water Or Evaporation Is To Blaim.

To find a leak in your pool liner you will need to perform the bucket test. This test will rule out evaporation as a possible source of lost water.

  1. Fill a bucket with pool water and mark the level.
  2. Place the bucket near your pool or even on your pool steps.
  3. Mark the level of the water inside your bucket with a pen/pencil, or tape.
  4. Mark the water level in your pool with a piece of tape.
  5. Leave for 24 hours and then compare the level in your bucket and pool. If the water level in your pool has dropped further than the water in your bucket then you have a leak.
  6. Now do the pump test to narrow down the leak location.

Sign of a Pool Leak:

  • If your pool water level is dropping faster than normal or if you have to add more than 1” of water per week (1 hour of garden hose running) then you probably have a leak. Splashing water usually accounts of very little water loss. Having a warm pool without a solar bubble blanket to keep the heat in and cold nights usually result in substantial water evaporation.
  • Soft spots in landscaping or areas that don’t seem to dry are usually an indicator of a pool leak.
  • Cracked and heaved concrete could mean a sign of a long term leak or one that has happened over winter
  • Ignoring these signs of water loss for any period of time, especially over winter can result in: cracked pipes, softened and rough pool base, cracked concrete, and pushed in pool walls. (caving of pool)

If you are noticing any of these symptoms or wake up and notice that your pool has dropped a few inches over night then there is definitely a leak in your pool. You are now sure that the leak is not normal water loss.

Before you call a professional to have a look at your pool you should perform the pump test. This will determine if the water is leaking from your pool liner or pool lines. This important information will help the professional with a better place to start and also save you money by spending less time figuring out where the leak is.

Locating a Pool Liner Leak Using the Pump Test

Once you have determined you have a leak in your pool by performing the bucket test, you can narrow down the source of the leak by doing a pump test.

  1. Mark the level in your pool with a piece of tape or small pen mark on your liner. Leave your pool for 24 hours with the pump running.
  2. Check the level of your pool after 24 hours and record the amount of water loss.
  3. Mark the level of your pool water again and this time leave your pool pump off for 24 hours.
  4. To increase the accuracy of the test put your winterizing plugs in your skimmer and jets to block off the lines.
  5. After 24 hours with the pump off, check your water level and compare the amount of water lost when your pump was on.

If you lost more water with your pump on, then you likely have a leak in your pool pressure lines. If you lost more water with your pump off, then you likely have a leak in your skimmer line. If you lost the same amount of water with the pump on and off then your liner is probably leaking.

This is a time saving test that can be performed by the home owner so the repair technician has a better place to start and can find the leak faster saving you money.

If you have a leak in your pool liner, Contact us here for professional consultation and repairs.

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